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Hymn For The Weekend
Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

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Weekend at Costa del Sol / コスタで週末
Mii Itio

Hyperion (Primal)

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New activity / 新しく始めたこと
Mii Itio

Hyperion (Primal)

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I have more friends. / 友達が増えました
Mii Itio

Hyperion (Primal)

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Fen Silk

Cactuar (Aether)

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The Great Horn Heist! [spoiler alert :D]
Venkah Fhey

Phoenix (Light)

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Our First Visit to The Golden Saucer
Lala Star

Leviathan (Primal)

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[Gaia DC]Ultima(UWU)Recruitment After 8pm JST
Whize R'ias

Ridill (Gaia)

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Lamia :Warrior LF dps+healer for Duty Roulette
Aviel Anistal

Lamia (Primal)

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