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How about seeing auroras in FF14? ;)


[The latest recommended date for Auroras]
3:00pm Sat. Sep. 25 (GMT)
8:50pm Sat. Sep. 25 (GMT)
11:40pm Sun. Sep. 26 (GMT)
Coerthas Western Highlands (The whole area)

This blog is for people who haven't ever seen the auroras in this game.
(My English is very poor, so please tell me or ignore if you find the incorrect one!)

*** Requirements for the auroras' appearing ***

- Coerthas Western Highlands ONLY.
- The auroras will appear when it's only clear weather from 0am ET.
- It will not appear after dawn.

You can see it when all of these ones can be satisfied! :)

*** Tips ***

- You can see on any server and any data center!
- I recommend to see from the top of the highest tower in Falcon's Nest! ;)
- The auroras will gradually appear after 0am ET.

It can be seen whenever those 3 requirements are satisfied.
Weather of FF14 has regularity. Google "FF14 Weather" if you want to see on another day!

Well, let's invitie your friends and go to see the auroras! ;)

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Sep. 22 2021
Sopra Azzurro
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