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Firestorms of Asphodelos mixed groups/辺獄の炎嵐混ざり組

One major source of difficulty in P3S is Firestorms of Asphodelos. The phase as a whole isn't particularly tricky, but there are lots of little details (particularly spread positions) that are often left out in macros which lead to wipes.

My static does Firestorms of Asphodelos the following way, with two points I would like to highlight:
- Pair healers with melee DPS, tanks with ranged DPS.
- Tank invuln Storms of Asphodelos.

Update (18 Jan 2022): After polling and asking around, it seems it is more natural for people to think locally and spread within their light parties instead of globally positioning themselves relative to the boss (by a factor of about 5:1). This means relative to their light parties, MT and D3 would now go to the left, instead of to the right (including tornado baits), which was what I had before. The diagrams and macros below have been updated to reflect this change.

Basic formation:

1. Dodge 3→1, and spread:

2. Tethers + Fan AoEs (2x tank invuln):

3. Knockback, and spread:

One common cause of wipes at the moment is that macros keep the two groups as "melee north, ranged south" to match the black Experimental Gloryplumes after adds phase. This was done to allow for full melee uptime during Experimental Gloryplume while dodging AoEs north, but leads to a lot of issues in Firestorms of Asphodelos because there is no logical spread position.

However, this is easily resolved by simply flipping the tanks and healers. We pair melee DPS with healers at the north (to get positionals), which puts tanks and ranged DPS south.

This has the following advantages:
1. There are natural spread positions for all the tanks/melee and the healers/ranged, as each side has two melee, two ranged. Tanks and melee spread towards the boss, healers and ranged spread away.
2. There is already precedent for this job pairing- parties that do Shinosho's strat for Darkened Fires already pair up tanks with ranged DPS, and healers with melee DPS, and the same boss-relative positions are kept for Firestorms of Asphodelos.
3. This lines up very well with the Japanese tank invuln strat. The only difference is that instead of the healers baiting the SW and SE tornadoes, we give them to D3 and D4 since they're ranged, and already in the southern half.
4. In particular, this invuln strat has plenty of room for error, and can be cleared with just 6 people. If either D3, D4, or H2 is dead, H1 and/or D2 can simply take their position.

1. Intercardinal Darkened Fire, Mr. Happy's Fountain of Fire
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【Darkened Fire】  【Transition】
 D3/MT [1] D4/ST   MT▼D1
  [4] ▲ [2]    H1 D2
 D1/H1 [3] D2/H2   H2 D3
 ※Destroy clockwise   ST  D4
【Adds】MTH1D1D3 N→W STH2D2D4 S→E
  Left (cw)→2 tethers Right (ccw)→1 tether
【Experimental Gloryplume - Spread】
   MT ST  ※ Explosions-Relative
  D1 ▲ D2
  D3   D4 Melee: North (West)
   H1 H2  Ranged: South (East)
【Fountain of Fire】(Mr. Happy)
  Start N or W:H1  MT→D1→D3
  Start S or E:H2  ST→D2→D4

2. Firestorms of Asphodelos
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【Flames of Asphodelos】
 ■    Healer+Melee (N) Tank+Ranged (S)
 (Boss)  D1 D2      MT ST
 (Edge) H1   H2    D3   D4
 ■ 1. Fan AoE→Stack/Spread
   Dodge 3→1, stack/spread at 1st AoE
 ■ 2. Tethers + Tornadoes (Invuln strat)
    H2●      ※Tanks stack inside
       D1D2H1  boss circle + invuln
     ▼      ※ D1D2H1 bait one fan
  ● MT/ST ●    AoE outside circle
  D3     D4
 ■ 3. Knockback
          Black tornado
   Healers+Melee   Tanks+Ranged



- ヒラと近接DPS組んで、タンクと遠隔DPSと組む。
- 「辺獄の嵐」をタンク2人無敵受け。





1. 闇の炎X字、霊泉の炎ハピおじ
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  【闇の炎散開】   【突進時散開】
 D3/MT [1] D4/ST   MT▼D1
  [4] ▲ [2]    H1 D2
 D1/H1 [3] D2/H2   H2 D3
 ※時計回りに破壊     ST  D4
【雑魚】MTH1D1D3北→西 STH2D2D4南→東
  外周に立ち中央を向く:左→線2本 右→線1本
   MT ST  ※ 爆発基準
  D1 ▲ D2
  D3   D4 近接:北(西)
   H1 H2  遠隔:南(東)
  北か西から:H1  MT→D1→D3
  南か東から:H2  ST→D2→D4

2. 辺獄の炎嵐
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 ■ 散開位置 ヒラ近接組(北) タンクレンジ組(南)
 (ボス側)  D1 D2     MT MT
 (端側)  H1   H2   D3   D4
 ■ 1. 扇範囲→散開や頭割り
 ■ 2. 線+扇範囲誘導(無敵受け)
    H2●      ※タンク2人はボスサークル
       D1D2H1  内重なって無敵
     ▼      ※ D1D2H1はボスサークル
  ● MT+ST ●    外3人で扇1枚受け
  D3     D4
 ■ 3. ノックバック
    ヒラ近接組   タンク遠隔組

Comments (3)

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix (Light)

Thanks for making the marco. I think this is very useful. I just got into this phase, and still figuring out which strat people in EU is using for the tether with the tornados.

Rubeus Tweedia

Unicorn (Elemental)



Yeah, it doesn't make sense to have tank proximity together except for the gimmick that enemies follow the tank! !!
It's always amazing that Japanese is so easy to read that it's not your native language but it's just too perfect.

Niconico Nii

Atomos (Elemental)

Thanks for the strat, hope this is more widely adopted since a lot of elemental PF are using so many strats and people are mixing up their stack and spreads. Been seeing more Tuufless FoA strat in PF these days which is nice.
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