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April Fools!

Today was a wonderful day with family and eggs. Most of my family is gone or doing their own thing back in the Pacific Northwest where I don't live anymore, and I was able to spend it with my inlaws and their little ones. Who knew kids were so active!!! I just got home, and I'm beat! I logged in today to complete my moogle quests, I'm so slow at these, do my gold saucer tickets, which I got a 10k today! YAY! I have to celebrate these moments as they are so few and far between these days! I hate it when you pick the wrong numbers and you have to make a crucial decision. I always go for the 10k. Sometimes, I miss a 3600, but oh, well. The sadness prevails momentarily before I move onward to my next quest. Blacksmith made 60 over this weekend, and so did my Botanist. Let's keep moving forward! I'm also trying to find out how people even raid. Have you ever had difficulty raiding as a casual? I'm too casual sometimes, but I can be okay with that today! Good luck, and happy hunting!
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