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Close To Christmas Time!

I haven't even started on my glamours for this as I've just received the glamours for 2P.
Some people may see it as odd to put on the glamour on a male model, but I see it as opportunity to show support in such a horrible world where not everyone is equal.

People should all be treated the same, and I recently experienced an area where this wasn't the case at the grocery store. I was getting some delicious fattening doughnuts, and I'm telling you even the maple bar had creme filling. The elated feeling was amazing! I had put my items on the conveyor belt as the person in front of me put the separator down between our items. She was an elderly woman, the looks were gone, the wisdom was there, but I didn't realize how bitter she was until she opened her mouth. The grocery handlers aren't the greatest employees, and I've noticed some of them have either communication problems or disabilities which would only prevent them from better jobs because communication is important.

This woman notices her meat being packed into the same grocery bag. I've never seen this handler before, so I'm thinking he might be new. He doesn't skip a beat. He grabs another bag to assist her with putting the meat in a separate bag. She berates him by telling him he has to hold it for her or she's going to drop it. I almost lost composure as I'm dealing with the cashier who just looks on like it's too much to lift my receipt to even do the job she was hired to do. I see this type of customer service a lot, but I'm slowly becoming immune because the area of the South I live in just has bad customer service.

As I'm walking out the door, the woman is walking slowly to her car, and I couldn't help myself when I loudly said, "So much for Southern hospitality." I'm sure she probably didn't even hear me or understood why I said it. I felt better after that, but I should have done more for that poor employee who had to withstand her nonsense. It's not bad enough we don't care for each other where another person can treat someone poorly.

Back to crafting my facet gear!
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