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Good old non-crafting days

After few days of being a level 60 BSM I realised that I kinda miss my non crafting days. The life was simple. Low expenses. Gil was getting up without fluctoations. Time for others things. Basically a nice lovely little poor life.

Crafting should make gil. Hmm. I have yet to see that.

Of course it makes gil. It makes a lot of gil in comparison to being lazy battle job who is not farming anything to make gil. But here is the issue:

You make more gil, yes, but you need few times that amount for the crafting itself.

Materials cost tons of money, coz not enough people sell them.

Gears cost crap-tons of money, coz not enough people sell them.

Materias cost bullfrog-crap-tons of money, coz it is in low supply.

Failing HQ and making NQ items hits the wallet enormously.

Overmelding breaks my heart. You can spend whole day making gil just to break all the melds and neglect the progress.

The supply is always higher than demand.

The MB are one big game of undercutting and speculations.

The retainer ventures ruin prices and it takes time for the MB to recover.

It kinda hurts.

Yesterday I made about 500k crafting. A lot of sweat and effort.

Then I made 500k gathering for a half hour. Like relly? Something bots can do is basically better than crafting? Might as well become a gatherer.

Yesterday's profit: -1M. Yes. I made 1M and spent 2M. One gotta love the crafting gil movement. -_-

At least I know how to over-meld. It is something. Yay.

So next goal lvl 60 omnicrafting. All that gil must be somewhere!
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Twey Ordelia

Odin (Light)

I know what you mean Arch. I just started to lvl and Crafting Job but after i have seen how fast my Gil is melting i was done with it.

Archaell Wingard

Ragnarok (Chaos)

It is really bad... when items sell for less money than material? Oh lol. Like how. wtf.

One needs gear, one needs own mats, then there are gil to be made. Pretty much be self-sufficient or gtfo. >_>

Gotta work harder!

Asny Rak'nys

Cerberus (Chaos)

Why I generally prefer to gather. But I do enjoy crafting as well - though I do it more in bursts or at least vanity/glamour items.

Had access to crafting the orchestrion early on so helped out quite a few people with that. Seems I was kinda rare. Had the same with the arrows for the relic.

I stopped playing the undercutting game tbh. I set a price and leave it for months. Then I'll check and if the prices dropped overall then I'll adjust. Otherwise leave it. It's slow to sell but can net big.

Noopsa Lina

Chocobo (Mana)

I feel your pain Archy. I've leveled my crafters and gatherers to 60 but I do only gathering because it feels more relaxing than having the marketboard super glued to my forehead just to update prices every hour. -_-,
I love crafting but I don't wanna relive the undercutting life again. Just did it for housing. XD

I wanna see the Archy master chef glamour when you get your CUL to 60!

Twey Ordelia

Odin (Light)

Yeah me to!
Archi for Master Chef!
I would totally love to see thatXD

Archaell Wingard

Ragnarok (Chaos)

Why the CUL? It is totally at the bottom on my list lol (way too many mats to level it).

Btw. I lost the game again and had to hire another retainer to store HW mats >.< At least more MB space I guess... oh well.

Neuflune Mochiko

Carbuncle (Elemental)

Gatherers made little profit before, 3.0 changed that. They also cannot get some parts of their equipment via crafting (unlike crafters which can wear all-crafted stuff) so they have to grind red scrips more. Maybe it depends on your server's market, but I find 'common' and 'base' crafted items to be more profitable than end-products (e.g. craft and sell aurum regis nuggets instead of jewelry).

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix (Light)

Originally I wanted to craft my own gear, so I level a gatherer and crafter along side with my main class. Then I hit lv50 and Ironwork makes crafted gear useless.

Then I hit lv60 one day before Thordan Ex was out. Spent 2~3 weeks gear up and fought Thordan at min ilv, wipe endlessly. Then I got out and level CUL and ALC to 60 and make food/pot to buff myself up, and back to fight the king.

Gil? Money can't buy happiness. If you are not dirt poor, just ignore that number.

Archaell Wingard

Ragnarok (Chaos)

I checked what I can do when it comes to the base items and nope. Might as well craft glamour prisms instead or go gathering. Not much gil to be made when the HQ base items cost as much as NQ materials + crystals. Might be just a BSM issue tho... hopefully it will get better. I also need better gear to have an easier time HQing, the gear disadventage makes it also harder to produce it at fast enough pace.

Neuflune Mochiko

Carbuncle (Elemental)

Ooo glamour prism is a good moneymaker too!

Twey Ordelia

Odin (Light)

Thanks Neuflune for the information<3

Zephyrus Abnob'a

Cactuar (Aether)

When you have something worth 10mil on the MB wake up next morning to see it undercut to 5K.

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

That's why you level gathering along with crafting so you can get most of the mats yourself.

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