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Tonberry (Elemental)

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So, I'm back in Tonberry. Feeling a bit lost atm because there's so much I need to catch up on and I don't even know how to play my main class anymore.

I started leveling AST for the "fresh start" but got bored of it because I guess I'm WHM through and through but that means I'm going to murder several parties in DF to be able to get anywhere close to where I was TWO YEARS AGO (gosh, still hard to believe it's been that long).

Don't even know why I'm writing a blog post. I didn't know this feature existed until 30 mins ago, haha. Guess I want to document my slow, nasty crawl back from a casul to a functional player.

It's not going well though, because instead of relearning my class, I've just been running Chocobo Races with Silver. I haven't even been doing my MSQ. I should probably get to that if I want to be, err, relevant again.

I missed this game, but actually playing it now, I guess what I really missed were the people I played with. It gets a bit lonely sometimes, seeing as how most of my friends from two years ago (GEEZ, it's been that long?!) have moved on to other games or other servers.

If any of you are reading this (which I doubt), please jump on and shoot me a Tell! I'd love to catch up with you and catch up on content with you~

Especially if you're a Miqo'te I used to hang out with in the Aftcastle a lot, because I really miss you!

I'm gonna jump online when I get home but I foresee spending hours on Chocobo Racing again. I wonder if I'll ever actually progress in this game? LOL.
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Sahara Silverheart

Twintania (Light)

Pidätkö japanilaisesta kielestä?
Finnish -> English: Do you like the japanese language?

Annalise Somniari

Tonberry (Elemental)

I'm taking (super basic) Nihongo right now, and I'm really enjoying it!

Masazi Tribal

Tonberry (Elemental)

Thank you very much today! Also give my best regards now!
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