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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 9


Act 9: The Judgement Day

It was either nothing happened, or everything just happened all at once. I went from joining some ARR/HW raid occationally to involved in three study groups simutanously. Maybe I really should be more careful about signing up next time, because these groups can actually be filled.

Out of these groups, the first one got into motion was Amber's A8s group.

Out of eight of us, we have two people who were new to the fight. Since we were not going in totally blind, I signed up for range dps role because it was what I played back in 3.2. The only difference was I didn't sign up for SMN this time. I had a chance to play SMN briefly when 5.0 first dropped. I remember back then the egi assult were ogcd abilities. However, when I created this free trial account, all those skills become GCD. I wasn't too sure about my rotation for SMN, so I went in as MCH instead.

At first I thought we were doing this MIL with no echo, but Amber told us that there was no point doing MIL if we can't do the mechanics. In any case, it was the closest thing I could have asked for. It was to my advantage to try to learn about the fight as much as possible.

In A8s, you still need to do mechanics no matter how much gear you have. In our first raid, some people managed to die to phase 1 mega beam. Someone managed to fail the steam regulator. But the hardest part in the first raid day was to tell people to stop dpsing the add when they were at 65%. I was not sure if people had tunnel vision or just hope that anyone else but him can stop dps instead. We kept wiping there because of this. Amber called out on the add HP, then Laetitia was calling out as well, then I also called out on the HP, but someone just didn't stop.

After wiping on exactly the same spot again and again, there was finally a run that a dps died from mechanics. That time there were no dps problem.

"That was a good progress." Amber said to us in his ever encouraging tone.

"But wait! That was because one dps died in the add phase, so we didn't push the add too fast with just 3 dps." I replied. "In theory we haven't not done this correctly yet."

"I know, but I have been calling out on the HP. I am not sure what else I can do." He told us.

As what I feared, we wiped the next run because of someone pushed Votexer too fast.

"Ok, we really have to stop pushing Swindler and Vortexer, or else we will just wipe there over and over." I said to the group. "If we really struggle to do this, next pull I will just run a live log and find out who exactly kept dpsing after Amber tells us to stop."

Of course, it was pure BS. I have never run a live log before and not sure how it works. Back in Heliodor IKEA, our raid lead Freya told us how to use this feature to locate issues during raid. At that time I didn't quite know what fflog was let alone doing live log. Also, unless I marked the exact time Amber called out of the adds' HP, it was not possible for me to find out who was still dpsing after that time.

Surprisingly, we started passing that phase consistently after that. Maybe the threat of being exposed works? Or maybe we just got better?

The first raid day was about getting passed the add phase. The second raid day was about getting pass the second intermission. The only problem in the second raid day was Jade kept using Resue to pull us into aoe puddles. I think he tried to resue those who has lighting debuff to the stack point. However, he kept pulling us over an aoe puddle so we ended up in a DoT. He didn't esuna us so almost anyone who get dragged by him ended up in dying.

"But you guys are running away from me." He complained to us on the chatbox, as he never spoke on voice.

Really? Last time when he resued me, he dragged me into the place had a big orange aoe marker. Isn't the only logically thing is to move out from it?

It took multiple dps complained about it before he got the point. Or at least we hope he got the point. I can't tell. Or maybe he eventually got the memo when Cure tried to resue him into aoe too.

Then we were working on the first and second intermission. I had so much problem with the chakram four years ago, so I was looking forward for a chance to work on this mechanics. It took at least 5 runs in the first intermission before I stopped freaking out and started spotting where the safe spots were. The second intermission took a bit of luck. There was a pull I got charkam flying near me, tether to a robot. I did both correctly, only die to ultra flash because I was too slow to get to the safe spot. We made it to the Verdict phase a few times. However, because of the number of deaths, it was impossible to get much further.

The third raid day happened on the week right before patch 5.4. Initially people started talking about how we will clear the fight on this day, so that they can free up the time slot to do current content in 5.4.

Frankly, those talks were just getting annoying.

We had not once with all 8 person alive after second intermission. We got passed verdict last time because the healers were rezing people fast enough. We had not seen the remaining of the fight, so we can still mess up.

Until I see a sub 5% enrage, I won't be thinking about clear.

On this raid day, we were more consistently getting to verdict and had some exposure to the phase after that. Even though the mechanics after verdict is a combination of what we have seen before, many of us didn't manage to adjust fast enough and got ourselves killed. That day we even extended raid time to try to get a kill before 5.4. In theory the only mechanics we haven't seen was the J-Strom. However, given that we were not consistent enough even on the intermission, it was a long shot to think that we can clear the fight.

That concluded our third raid day. With patch 5.4 coming the week after this, it was not clear if all 8 of us will be here for A8s, when some people will be trying to do the new Eden Promise.

Table of content of this series is here
Comments (2)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

LOL ah the infamous A8S, the old raid many in the 'Dirty Casuals' discord group still fear and is one of the hardest ones to clear MINE.

It really sounds like a real pain in the ass honestly to try it. Don't know if I ever will do the Alex stuff MINE.

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix [Light]

It is not that bad. There is a verity of mechanics you need to dance through. I cleared it sync-ed (not MIL no echo), so I am very confident with all the mechanics. The MIL version will require some fine tuning to meet the DPS check.

Somehow I find the Coil fight, like T13 difficult. Maybe it is every time we did it with Syncademy, there was only two hours and there was also new people who did very weird things. It was hard to save the run at lv50 when there is mess up.
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