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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 18

Act 18 Second Attempt (B-side)

When group Edda wiped on Floor 188 in PotD last time, Aruzelt was totally dejected because he told the team to move away while the correct way to handle the mechanics should be stack in the middle. He mentioned something about himself as a raid leader, so forth and so forth.

At that time, I wonder, just what makes a raid leader?

I mean, who knows where Aruzelt get the idea of raid leader from. Maybe it is something that they import from WoW? I don't think I understand these ex-WoW players and their customs very well.

I had been in statics in the past and there was someone who played the role of a raid leader. It was the person who do all the admin work in the static. For example, reminds people of raid schedule, setup PF and find subs if we have absent, post ad to find replacement if someone leaves. It was a thankless work. No one liked the job but someone got to do it. Usually the person who wanted to raid badly enough will end up to be that sucker.

There were exceptions. Freya and Zokar were very unique that I have never quite come across anyone like them.

Who knows? Maybe it was me who constantly ran into weirdos and got strange ideas myself? This is the only MMORPG I played. Not only so, I spent more time unsub then sub, spend more time doing other things than raiding.

In any case, I wonder, who would I like to have if I need a "raid leader" to go to PotD with me? What will this person be and what will he do?

Gosh. It was tough. I don't think things work this way. I suppose, if I have a question about PotD, then I will just google the answer. If I really have to talk to a human being, I guess, I will ask Rebecca.

It happened around the same time, Roy and Rebecca were looking for a team to go into PotD. The channel had been very quiet for more than two months. Rebecca was working on his solo attempt at HoH and last wipe at floor 97. I guess it was a matter of time before he gets the "Lone Hero" title. I tried to join their team. Initially we were planning to go as a team of 3, but then Divina joined us so we can have a full team.

Rebecca suggested we did a real speed run. At first I thought he meant we spread out, look for the exit and kill some mobs on the way. I found out later, it was not how it should be done.

The right way to speed run PotD is have the tank to grab everything insight, keep moving to the next room until we see the exit. If someone stepped on the luring trap, take those mobs to the tank as well. In the end, we will be standing on the exit and aoe the mob down. There can easily be a dozen mobs on the tank at one time.

Within 90 minutes, we cleared 60 floors. We decided to leave the rest for another day.

The day when we resumed the run, we were speed running agin. After floor 110, it took about 20 min per 10 floors. Then at 150, we have to slow down the run and it started taking 30 minute.

There were some really close calls. There were one floor where it had the "no ability" debuff. Divina pulled big, but it was impossible for me to catch up with the damage without fairy nor aetherflow stack. Then there were this one floor where Divina stepping into a luring trap. We typed in the chatbox telling him to die, but then two of the ads are patrols and were heading towards our way. Three of us went back to the starting room, which was a dead end. We waited at the corner. To be honest, it was very different to see anything when your back is at the wall. SE reset your camera angle, and you really can't see much. We were lucky that one patrol turned around 180 degree. So we killed the first mob, then took on the second before we went back to rez Divina.

There was one floor where we were fighting a mob, then another patrol joined. I walked back to dodge an aoe but ended up in hitting a luring trap. Amount the mobs that spawned, I spot a Sasquatch. I immediately used a witching pom, and Rebecca use LB to kill them all. It was really a split second decision. At that moment, I was the only person who can rez without pheonix tail, and the whole team was too close to the add just spawned. If I choose to die with the luring trap, the rest of the team might not be spared.

It took us 4.5 hours, including a few coffee breaks in the middle, to get floor 200. In total it was a 6 hours run from 51-200, with breaks in between.

It didn't feel difficult. I needed to adapt to the mass pull at the beginning. We didn't even use voice chat. We need got into some dangerous situation, but I didn't panic. When it came, we just dealt with it.

Actually, when I cleared HoH and PotD, none of the team uses voice chat. Thinking back, it was a bit surprising because I cleared HoH the first time I went into it. I was so new to it very often I just didn't know anything there. Our "raid leader", I guess I should address him this way, just type a thing or two out for me before the boss in chatbox and it was ok. I am quite sure I was carried to the top at HoH last time. Maybe I should really do it again and make sure I won't be carried.

But I wonder, maybe my idea on how this content should be done was wrong.

Once upon a time, Zeni, as well as Aelia, said that going to PotD without voice was unbearable. They told me, it was so boring walking around and kill trash mob for hours.

They spoke with such conviction, and so I passed on their sentiments when people ask about the content. In fact, it was not only about PotD. My idea about raiding, about what we were trying to achieve and about a lot of things, were not originally mine.

I think I got my answer. Maybe it is where the ending should be.

Table of content of this series is here

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