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Own Goal! Match 5

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with this game. It contains all sort of spoilers and controversial materials. So read at your own risk.

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Match 5: British Logic

It is nothing new that companies outsource their IT department and a lot of the supporting functions overseas where wages are lower. India is one of the popular locations. Eastern Europe is another one. With modern technology, it is effective. For one of my recent project, one of the IT person I worked with was from Ukraine. When the war broke out, he was with his family in western part of the country near Romania.

As it happened, our company served him a notice. He either leaves the country immediately, or his contract will be terminated. He decided to stay with his family. Interesting enough, the next day the company came up with bake sales and other fundraising stuff to support this what so called "humanitarian crisis" in Ukraine.

Well, aren't we also contributing this "humanitarian crisis"? If we just let the guy to keep his job, he could have just earned his keep, and use this to support himself and his family, or even other people in his community. There was no sign that the internet was cut and he was always working remotely anyway. What do you expect to cut him loose? So maybe he can walk cross the board to Romania to become a refugee and get some materials bought from these bake sales from our company?

So we really don't want to help the guy to stand up on his own two feets. But we can give him some bread crumbs when he begs on his knees, as we are so generous.

Hypocrisy flows so naturally in British blood that I can't say it is not expected. Sadly, the people in this generation is not so smart. Hypocrisy meets stupidy. It evolves into some new age comedy.

When the war first broke out, British Foreign Minister Liz Truss encouraged British citizens to go to Ukraine to fight as mercenary. Of course, she won't send her own family members. For those, who sign up for the deal, they went to Ukraine and started shooting TikTok video. They also geo-tag themselves, and it gives the exact location on where these mercenary troops and the NATO weapon stationed.

Well, thanks for the info. The Russian missiles are on their way to say hi.

Of course, there is non-stop news talking about how the Russians have failed in the mission, despite the area under their control has been increasing. Slow it maybe, but more help we sent, the smaller Ukraine is getting. Well, there was news coming out saying president Putin has heart attack, cancer, Covid, brain tumour, Parkinson, etc. Normally someone with that amount of illness would be bed-bounded, but he seems to actively participate in foreign affairs with middle east and Asia. For whatever you think, he looked better and sharper than Joe Biden.

The news in UK also said that general Sergei Shoigu was suffered from a massive heart attack. Then he showed up to news conference the next day as if nothing happened. A high rank general that was supposed to be killed in the sinking of a Russian flag ship, participated in the Victory Day parade a week later.

My conclusion is you have to be very dumb to believe in anything the UK media says. Or in case they are right, you have to be very dumb to want to fight the Russians who can defy illness and even death.

Even back in WW2, the propaganda in UK was as bad as in Nazi Germany. The difference is we won WW2, so no one was out there to call out on our BS. Since no one was calling out, so it just get dumber. 80 years of evolution, and it is what we have now.

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