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The 140th Blog of Learning English in FFXIV

I have been leveling up with a scythe this week! Reaper, they are the coolest job, aren't they?

When it was announced, reaper attracted me already and I decided to be a reaper after finish the new story. Then, I was playing with the coolest job, I found that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. This new job, reaper, is really fun more than other melee DPS. Let me explain why I thought of it that way.

Other than defeat your enemies, reaper who can do many things. For example, they cut down a tree with a scythe.

You might think it's impossible so scythe is unable to cut trees, however, reaper will be transformed to a grim reaper if they can't.

Reaper, they are who of focus, commitment, sheer will. I'm sure they will stake their life on their job. In addition to that, they throw a scythe like a boomerang it weeds your garden at once.

Their work is very faster than a mower. If you want to clean your lawn, call them immediately. Joking aside, reaper is really strong and fun so try it if you have time!

Thank you for reading my blog. See you later!

Comments (3)

Yuki Kuroi

Goblin (Crystal)

tried reaper today too just unlocked it. I however will focus on ninja first. there are just waay too many appealing classes in FF. hard to decide!!!

Chazo Crevalle

Yojimbo (Gaia)

My FC's garden should be ready for harvesting soon. Maybe I should start a reaper! lol

Have fun!

Delphini Lestrange

Alexander (Gaia)

Oh, I love ninja, too. But there is one problem. Ninjutsu, it's too bright to me and I can't see them long time.

Yes! You should be a reaper and harvesting together with your avatar!
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