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[Diabolos] [FC] [LFM] The Sunz are recruiting!

What's up dudes! The Sunz of Man [SUNZ] are looking to recruit some people who like to kick @$$ and have a good time doing it!

We are a rank 20 FC allied with the Twin Adders. We have around 15 active members, a discord, our own FC house in The Goblet, and a really good group of people who like to have fun and get stuff done! We are all about helping newer players with leveling and learning for duties, skills, rotations, crafting and gathering. We are looking to start forming a static within the FC as well, comprised of solid players who want to learn end game Savage and Extreme content.

If you want every time you log into this game to feel like a night out with the boys, full of laughs and camaraderie, then I encourage you to post a comment and get in touch with me and become a disciple today!
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Peter Spak

Balmung (Crystal)

you are worthy in life even when you think you aren't

Kazyh T'khot

Brynhildr (Crystal)

Hello, you guys still accepting?

Brando Mccloud

Diabolos (Crystal)

We are Kazyh, sorry for late response, I forget to check this lol.
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