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Joe's MSQey Stream, 8/5/2019

Joe the Warrior of Light. I . . . . kinda like this, even though it's a bit narcissistic, which really isn't me.

Good session today, even though I got off to a bad start since my main tablet (used for my Twitch chat) stopped working. It sometimes has issues holding a charge (when plugged into a charger), so it ends up at 0% and I have to charge it up enough to where I can turn it on, then shut it off - so it's not using up juice - and recharge it again. I had to use my cell phone in place of my tablet. -_-

Did some FATE running as well as a leveling roulette, which got me to level 79. After this, I got right on the MSQ. Eventually I did both the Mt. Gulg and the Vaulthry trial.

And then I went aether current hunting. And then, . . . . and then, . . . .


So, at this conjecture, I said in a previous post that I was going to alternate between this game and
Darkest Dungeon until I unlocked flying in Kholusia. But! As I wasn't expecting to unlock it so soon, and since I'm really liking DD right now, I'll probably continue doing what I'm doing, playing FF XIV on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, and DD on Thursday and Saturday evenings during my work week (I play both on Mondays and Tuesdays, my nights off). Plus, I'm also figuring I'd get pretty burned out on all the gathering/crafting I'm going to be doing now if I was doing it every day (which was my original plan all along, trying to get my retainers geared up, possibly myself as well). So switching back and forth between games would help keep me from getting:

Text is a bit left of center. Whoops!

And here's all the LP vinyl I played this session:

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Stan Freberg - Best Of
Lou Reed - Rock n' Roll Animal
The Dubliners - More of the Hard Stuff
Metallica - Kill 'Em All

Okay, that's a wrap for today. Gotta get some nap in in the hopes of being able to stream Darkest Dungeon tomorrow morning. But until then, thanks for reading/watching, and have yourselves a wonderful night/day. ;)>

Why I Stream. and 20 Streamer Rules I Always/Don't Always/Never Follow.
Joe's Workout Videos
My Youtube Channel.
"Joe's Stream" LP records and leveling my WAR. Running MSQ if/when he hits level 79.
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