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Joe's Stream, 10/11/2019

A fairly quickie blog post, due to:

Bad sleep today. Dreams/nightmares, and sinus issues pretty much ruined it for me, so that by towards the latter part of the stream I was like:

Otherwise, the session for today was again mostly scrip farming, while mixing in some Abalathian Rock Salt and Russet Popoto farming as well (needed for gatherer food). And I had to call an audible in the middle of it all when I noticed that I'm starting to run low on food, so I had to restock the pantry. After that, I went right back into it. And then stupidly I cut the farming short, since I still wanted to work on the weaver/leatherworker/carpenter deliveries questline, and because of that I didn't get enough yellow scrip to buy the botany folklore book. So now, next session, . . . . . more scrip farming!

Oh, and with the white scrip I got I upgraded my head and boots, since I noticed that the level 80ish nodes had a perception requirement that I couldn't meet in order to get the buffs contained therein, so I better get that stat up.

The records I played today were:

Saturday night fever - Movie Soundtrack
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Johnny Cash - The Sound of Johnny Cash
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Okey dokey, that'll do 'er for tonight. Gotta now get a few naps in, as I'm starting to doze off as I type this lol. Thanks a bunch for reading/watching, everyone. And <Take care.> And hopefully I'll get some better sleep tomorrow. ;)>

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Vinyl records & scrip farming, hopefully the last run. Might work on crafting later.
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