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Joe's Stream, 10/21/2019

Watched a little bit of An Inconvenient Truth this morning, a show about global warming. Pretty good so far (and giving me an inkling as to why they did a presidential election recount when Al Gore was running; They didn't want this environmentalist stick-in-the-mud winning. Lame as hell, but understandable).

My back is getting a little better. It doesn't hurt as much to breathe and I can sleep better. I saw a doctor about it this morning, so I now have to alternate between Ibuprofin and Tylenol (I thought you weren't supposed to take these together. Apparently not it seems. :/>), so I'll have to remember to buy some Tylenol now.

So, for today's session I just focused on my gunbreaker, doing about half the Shadowbringers hunts (the other half is too high-leveled for me right now), a trial and the Holminster trust dungeon, as well as a few FATEs. Just wasn't feeling the tank leveling today.

After this, I got a hankering to do some gathering & crafting, so I started working towards getting white crafter's scrip, hoping to upgrade a few of my crafting tools. And as said some time ago, it seems I've been enjoying crafting/gathering more than tanking, completely unexpected (although if this forum thread is anything to go by I might see a reversal of fortune here, as they'll be taking away the biggest reasons why this is so). Many twists and turns in this expansion so far!

And for the records I played this time around they were:

Mr. Bungle - Self-Titled Debut
Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity
Jethro Tull - This Was
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
Stan Getz - With Laurindo Almeida

Okay, that's gonna do it for me. Thanks for watching/reading, one and all. <Take care.> and have a great day/night. ;)>

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Spinning old records while leveling my gunbreaker. Doing random stuff afterwards.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

It's been a while since I have had nasty back pain, but I know how much of a bitch it can be and how you DON'T want to do anything while it is happening. Honestly, I fear it every time I exercise. I hope it gets better soon.

So you never use the MSQ roulette when leveling something Joe? I guess it would get boring with a stream.

This comment has been deleted.

This comment has been deleted.

Joe Schmoe

Hyperion (Primal)

Thanks, Anna.:]

Sucks not being able to lift weights because of it (and chances are, I got my back injury BECAUSE OF my Friday workout. Oops.)

No, I avoid MSQ roulettes like the plague. Waay too much like a WoW dungeon, everyone just headlong rushes to the end, especially when there's essentially no ilvl sync. I have to matter to the group. But if everyone can just steamroll through it all there's no point in me being there (kinda answers your "fun vs. efficiency" question too). Edit#3 -_-
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