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Joe's Bastion/FF XIV Stream, 10/28/2019

Aaaaaaaand played some more Bastion on both Saturday and Sunday. I'm really liking this game right now. Too bad that, despite its New Game+, Score Attack, challenge modes and other content, the end game really wore thin quick. I am, however, thinking about making various YouTube videos on some of this stuff, but we'll see.

Looks like that guy has a booger hanging out of his nose LMAO! Poorly timed screenshot it seems. -_-

I also tried playing a game called Crypt of the Necrodancer. A good game in theory, but the godawful techno/dubstep music gets really annoying, especially when I already have to hear this kind of shit at work every day. I get that it's a rhythm-based game, but still..... (and sometimes the game eats my controller inputs as well).

Called in sick on Sunday again. Same injury as before occurred on the tail end of my shift on Saturday. So, I might have to look into going on medical leave or something, because I really can't be rinsing and repeating this. And I'm sure my managers & coworkers aren't exactly enthused about this going on either so, gonna have to figure something out.

And I also tried my hand at video game design again, this time while reading a book called Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design. There was a chapter in there about making a 10-page document about your game, which I decided to go ahead and do. I didn't get that far though (just page 4). So I'll have to pick up where I left off some other time.

Buuut anyway, for today's session, I worked on my DRK, running hunts, a trial, and the Holminster trust dungeon. And eventually I got him to level 73, after which I switched to gunbreaker class. So, he'll be worked on next.

And after doing all that, I started upgrading some of my gathering gear (off-hand, belt, and legs to be exact), and eventually got those squared away. I also did a couple of alchemy/culinarian Crystarium Deliveries quests as well.

Here's the vinyl LPs I played this session:

The Honolulu Guitars - Hawaii, Isle of Paradise / The Charles "Kaipo" Miller Serenaders - Hawaiian Paradise
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Motorhead - Self-Titled Debut
The Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights (twice. white_wimmin wanted to hear this one again)

Okay, time for napsky, and then I have to get ready form work. Thanks for reading/watching, everybody, and see you all on Wednesday (streaming Darkest Dungeon on Tuesday). ;)>

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Playing records while DRK leveling. Might do some crafting and/or gathering later on.
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