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Joe's YAAAAWN! Stream, 11/6/2019

Short stream today, due to bad sleep. All dream/nightmare-filled, it's almost as though I hadn't slept at all. Even with me and Keitaro87 chatting up a storm about Pinball and other stuff it wasn't helping me at all.

Did the level 80 retainer ventures. Got more or less the same stuff I can get on the previous ventures. A waste of time gearing them up it seems. -_-

Otherwise, I worked on my dark knight, running hunts, Holminster trust dungeon, and a trial. And still at level 73, so on Friday, when I'll be streaming this game again, it'll be more work on my DRK.

The vinyls I played this evening were:

Stephen Bishop - Red Cab to Manhatten
The Music of Cosmos (TV show featuring Carl Sagan)
Isaac Hayes - Best Of (Side One)

Okey dokey. Gonna be a long nap, then get ready for work. Thanks for reading/watching, everybody. And have a good day/night. ;)>

Why I Stream. and 20 Streamer Rules I Always/Don't Always/Never Follow.
Joe's Workout Videos
Joe's Compos
My Youtube Channel.
Records, and some DRK leveling. Might do other oddball stuff as well.
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If your retainers are miners/botany/Fisher, gearing them up is beneficial. I normally have them fetch mats for me so that I don't have to gather stuff or buy on MB. Fishing gives you a slim chance of acquiring a fat cat minion. :D

Joe Schmoe

Hyperion (Primal)

Yeah, I just have them get crystals for me. More reliable. If I have them get anything else they often bring mostly NQ mats, which really isn't worth my while (unless they updated this recently). I can usually get as much as they can in an hour, especially the NQ stuff. :/
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