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Joe's BG/Pinball/FF XIV Stream, 12/2/2019



Played some Baldur's Gate on Tuesday. I learned how to use the "travel" cheat (kinda works the way it does in FF XIV, being able to teleport to any zone in the game), which can help me in a pinch when I can't find a location, or if I'm really pressed for time. It can be disastrous though, as one time I teleported right into a couple of flesh golems that can't be damaged by anything, and nearly one-shot my guys (good thing I cheated my guys to level 4, otherwise I'd have probably lost my whole party). So, some Benny Hill action ensued. Definitely doing this only as a last resort!

Otherwise, after some moments where a few of my guys were about to die, I completed chapter three, and am now starting on chapter four. Yes!

And like before I played some records while streaming BG, which were:

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Johnny Cash - The Sound of Johnny Cash
Devo - Oh No! It's Devo!
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture, and other tunes
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II


Oh, what a Pinball session this morning! I beat my high scores on Bob's Burgers, Championship Pub, and Gladiators!, and I did pretty damn good on most of the others. Definitely a session I seldom get.

And for the FF XIV session I focused on crafting all my level 72 MNK/SAM gear, which I managed to pull off much quicker than normal (they were selling the stuff I need fairly cheap, highly unusual). And after all that I did the hunts on my monk & paladin, and got my monk to level 72. He's now fully outfitted and good to go. I also did a leveling dungeon and a trial as well on my monk. So, for the next session I'll probably start splitting my time between my paladin and samurai, trying to get 'ol Sammy to 72.

And here's the vinyl records I played this evening:

Chicago Transit Authority (aka Chicago) - Self-Titled Debut
Jigs on the Green (Irish music)
Paul Simon - Graceland
Funkadelic - Self-Titled Debut

Aaaaand that'll do 'er. Thanks for reading/watching, peeps! <I must now take my leave.> ;)>

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