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Joe's Busy Weekend, 9/12 - 9/14


So, for my Guild Wars 2 session this evening it was all mesmer, as usual. Tried out a new healing-based staff build. Come to find out that the staff doesn't give healing spells at all (in this game, what abilities you have are based solely on what weapon you have equipped. You can swap between 2 different weapons at any time, but doing it in combat triggers a 10 second cooldown). Instead, all a staff does is gives out buffs and debuffs. <Oops!>

On the other hand, one of the mesmers specializations - aka talent trees - does center around healing, so I just focused on developing that and keeping my default greatsword/dual-wield swords setup, since much of the healing is passive (whenever you create a clone - which a lot of your skills automatically do - or detonate one, they do an AoE heal around them). I just did my usual doing various open-world tasks until I had to shut down for the night.

And here's the records I played today:

Roky Erickson - Gremlins Have Pictures
George Benson - Breezin'
Waylon Jennings - Ol' Waylon
Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Tooth, Fang, and Claw


Called in tonight. Back was feeling like wasps are attacking it. And for about 4 hours they are shutting the power down in the place. Not a fan of trying to work in the dark. :/>

But anyway, a pretty dead Guild Wars 2 session today, with only CraazyFYI1 coming by on the tail end of it. Come to find out later that I had turned off the sound effects for some reason, and didn't turn them back on. People were probably coming by but, not hearing anything, thought my stream sucked, and moved along.

Otherwise, for the session itself it was mostly mesmer, and then my thief, when I got tired of my mesmer's cyclical speed boost (5 seconds on, 5 seconds off). My thief, as well as my ranger, elementalist, warrior (when wielding melee weapons), and necromancer - should I decide to keep playing him, not a fan of the Shroud mechanic - all have a "permanent" +25% speed boost at level 11ish, so I have better options.

I brought out my necromancer also, giving it another chance. I tested out his Shroud ability. Lasted about 35 seconds, so not too bad. But I still found no way to sustain it for longer than that. And it takes at least that amount of time to fill the meter all the way up (killing stuff builds it up, including stuff you didn't kill yourself), so I'm really having a hard time digging this mechanic. To me, it's nothing more than a cooldown, and those that have read my other blog posts know what I think about cooldowns. Yeah......

So, it looks like going forward, mesmer is on the shelf. I like the class, but it's herky-jerky snail's-then-cheetah's pace eventually got me tapping out. So, right now I'll probably just play thief, unless something else fancies my interest.

And for the LP records I played this evening they were:

Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks - Polka Time / Greatest Hits
Turk Murphy - Barrelhouse Jazz
Redd Foxx - Laff Your Ass Off
Rush - 2112
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Bill Cosby - 200 M.P.H.


This morning I played a bit of Pinball FX3. And in nothing short of a miracle I beat the high score on Adventure Land, a table I've never done good on.

I also played some Guild Wars 2 this morning for a few hours, this time running with my longbow/dual-wield axe warrior. A good time. I got him to level 50 via crafting and got him all geared up, then I went and did a fair amount of group stuff. Surprisingly it was fairly active, considering the time of day (4:30-7:00am, US central time). FF XIV is dead as a doornail this time of morning lol.

And I also played some FF XIV off-stream this morning as well, playing my level 76 gunbreaker this time. I did my usual leveling stuff, running the hunts and Pixie quests, then calling it good (running late for bedtime, 9:00am :O> ).

And this evening's Guild Wars 2 stream was pretty dead for the first half of it. After that, people started visiting. And even Steel_Phoenix78 came by. Ain't seen him in a long time! He's a school teacher who quit when the COVID pandemic broke out. So he's now teaching online classes, trying to stay busy. So, good to see him. :)>

But for the session itself it was all warrior, trying to get all my crafting classes up to speed, as well as dropping my chef discipline and replacing it with the "huntsman" discipline (mostly makes ranged and off-hand items), resulting in a huge level up bonanza, going from level 55ish to 69ish! Why? Well, to reiterate:

• Leveling crafting levels you up as well. And considering that I started a new discipline all over, that's a lot of extra leveling!

• And, unlike World of Warcraft, changing disciplines won't reset your previous one to zero. It'll still be at the exact same level you had it when you dropped it. So this means I can be more fervent about leveling crafting, since there's next to no reprocussions if I want to abandon one discipline for another. You only have to pay money to have it switched, which can get expensive depending on what level it was when you switched out (100 copper per level, I think).

But once I got all that squared away, I went out in the open world and started working on map quests & event running, and eventually:

So, off to the next map, as well as continuing on with the storyline. :D>

And the vinyls I played today were:

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Lou Reed - Transformer
Todd Rundgren - Todd (sides 3 & 4 only, as sides 1 & 2 were missing when I bought this)
Grofe - Grand Canyon Suite
The Clash - Self-Titled Debut
Maurice Ravel - Bolero

Okee dokee. Time to call it a night. <Take care.>, everyone. And hope you have yourselves a humdinger of a day/night. ;)>

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Mesmer is the hardest class to do Joe. It is hard to learn and more suited for grouping due to buffs. Because of this, it is slow to solo.

Healing? Who needs healing from others? My thief's attacks heal myself from the poison I give them plus my signet when they die! ;p

I have not been on GW2 much though, been too busy trying to clear SoS EX in FF14.
When I am on GW2, I have been roaming new lands in pursuit of my 70 thief story quest. Sooo many different lands in that game that are HUGE! :O

Joe Schmoe

Hyperion (Primal)

I remember hearing something about that last time I played, some time over a year or 2 ago, mesmer really sucking for leveling. I think it does, but for the aforementioned reason (half-assed movement speed boost). Mechanically, it's pretty much one of my faves. Worst for me to solo is actually my favorite build, the "gourd & board" mace+shield warrior build. It's just that my reflexes are too slow to interrupt monster attacks, resulting in me facetanking damage. -_-
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