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Joe's Fun-Filled Weekend, 10/24 - 10/26


This morning I played Pinball FX3 for a bit, and managed to beat my high score on Rome, a table I usually suck at.

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And I also did a bit of Guild Wars 2 as well, working on leveling up my new revenant via crafting. I eventually got him to level 65, 3 levels short of what I was hoping for (at level 68, you can make gear that's perfect for my build, which is healing & support). So for this evening's stream I'll have to figure something out.

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And a couple of excerpts:

Oh, with these comics, other than the fact that they're centered on the character I'm playing at the time, are COMPLETELY RANDOM. There's no tie-in with the day's stream session or anything. If it looks good at the moment, I add it in as a header.

A DAMN good Guild Wars 2 session today! I played my new revenant (Linus Van Pelt) today, working on more crafting, but basically only doing enough to get his level to 68 (as stated from time to time, leveling your crafting skills levels YOU up as well). After that I got him fully equipped with "Harrier's" gear:

Once my healing/support build was all set, me and robean started doing some dungeon and fractal running. And gotta give props to this guy. He's got the skills of a maestro and the patience of a saint, with me as well as other newbies that come on (and we've had our share of them!). Hell, some of those dungeons/fractals there were only 3 of us running them. And at one point there was only two of us, and we still pulled it off (although not without difficulty, but still....)! He's what the gaming world needs more of, and not the keep-up-or-keep-out, when in doubt kick em' out peeps I'm sick of having to deal with.

And the LP vinyies I played this session were:

Redd Foxx - Laff Your Ass Off
George Benson - Breezin'
Lou Reed - Transformer
The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones


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A pretty dead GW2 session today, with only robean being on. And I also had some bad sleep today, all of it being dream/nightmare-filled, resulting in me nodding off a few hours in, so I had to bail earlier than I wanted to. -_-

But for the session itself it was mostly me just doing my usual crafting, trying to make level 80 gear for my healer revenant. I tried running a dungeon, but there were too many dark areas, as well as constant
camera screw, causing me to end up getting lost and disoriented, and eventually, getting kicked. After that, I ran a few fractals with robean, after which I reached level 80. Yes!

And here's the LP vinyls that I played today:

Billy Joel - Piano Man
The Stooges - Funhouse
Tschaikovsky - 1812 Overture, and other filler tunes
The Shaggs - Philsophy of the World
Jigs on the Green (Irish folk music)
Sheila E - The Glamorous Life


This morning I did a short Pinball Arcade session, which actually went pretty good overall, despite me not beating any high scores, still good enough to make a video out of though.

And I also played a bit of FF XIV as well, leveling my dark knight. But I only did the Pixie beast tribe quests and ran a 50/60/70 roulette, and ended up getting Sohr Khai.

Now THAT'S optimism lol!

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Another good Guild Wars 2 session today. Played my usual healer revenant, trying to make a melee DPS gear set. I found out today that the healer spec is totally useless underwater, since a healing totem tablet can't be used down there. And some of the content in this game requires you be underwater the entire time, so I figured it'd be best to be prepared.

A note on underwater stuff in this game....
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Unlike FF XIV, you CAN fight underwater. In fact, it works almost completely different from overland combat. One, it requires very specific weapons (spear, trident, or harpoon gun), which will replace your normal overland weapon skills. And your helmet is replaced by a "breather/aquabreather" as well. But don't worry, you can upgrade these items too. They can have the same stats as any other piece of equipment.

And a new viewer named Grunex came by, who is new to the game, just like me. And good ol' robean - who has been playing this game since it first came out in 2012 (I think) - was on as well. And we both proceeded to give him information overload lol.

But after he left, robean offered to help me get a mount, as well as unlocking a new "elite" revenant specialization, called a renegade, which is Guild Wars 2's version of a bard, with some summoner thrown in as well (you can summon various "renegade legends" - NPCs that can be attacked and even killed - that provide various buffs to you and all nearby players, as well as damaging/debuffing enemies).

And mounts KINDA work differently in this game. One, unlike the mounts in FF XIV, you can actually attack stuff with these. And they even have their own HP, and when it hits zero, you dismount immediately. And two, also unlike FF XIV, . . . . . Not to be lazy, but I'll just post this Wiki link here..... Far far more than I'd be able to type down here.

Oh, robean = Robyn. She was trying to get around the "name already taken" issue.

And once again I gotta give it up for robean. Her back must be pretty sore, from having to carry me so much! But then again, I couldn't have gotten where I am now without her. I'd probably still be just grinding dungeons/fractals, hoping to not get kicked when I can't keep up. So, mucho respect to her.

And the LP records that I played this evening were:

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Scott Joplin - Piano Rags
Igor Stravinsky - The Rites of Spring
Richard Pryor - That N****r's Crazy

Okay, time to call it a night. <Take care.>, everyone. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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