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Joe's Thriday Goings-On, 6/17 - 6/18


This entry was written in haste, as my brain farted (forgot to make this post before leaving for work).

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Didn't stream today. Body was too beat up from working last night, so I just decided to give the stream a miss today. I made a Pseudocast though (see above), so I wasn't COMPLETELY unproductive....


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Pretty good stream today. I split it between Rivals of Aether and my all-time favorite 2D fighter, Footsies this time. And Mom_Against_Vaping, as well as Keitaro87, dropped by for a chat. Some damn good convo with Mom though (I always lol inside when I say that name, like I REALLY AM talking to my Mom or something), talking about music and stuff.

And I also decided to play a couple records as well, which were:

Robin Williams - Reality. What a Concept!
Stan Getz - With Alurindo Almeida (side one)

Alrighty. Nap time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good weekend. ;)>

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