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Joe's DBZ Weekend, 6/26 - 6/28

Friday Night/Saturday

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Had to call in sick from work again (COVID vaccine symptoms). So, since I didn't want to be completely useless all night I decided to do some nighttime streaming instead. Like I did with Melty Blood, I did a Steam search for 2D fighters, and Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Edition came up, so I just started streaming that. Aside from the stuttering sound, it was a good walk down Memory Lane! I also played some Pinball FX3 & Arcade as well, but I pretty much sucked ass, so I ended up bailing (fatigue was rearing its ugly head as well).

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Pretty good Rivals of Aether session today, especially since LORLORx dropped by. Good to see him! Been a while. Otherwise, it was me doing the usual, going through all the game modes except online. I also tried playing another new character name "Clarion", a lightsaber wielding fighter, but I wasn't really into her. I tried out another named "Maypul", a raccoon bullwhip (I think) wielding fighter. Got potential. I might try her out on my next session.

I also decided to go ahead and play a few records, which were:

Prince - Dirty Mind
Rush - A Farewell to Kings
The Clash - Self-Titled Debut

Saturday Night/Sunday

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Seems Steam is doing a sale this week, so I decided to give Dragonball FighterZ a go, since it was only $8. SURPRISINGLY it was an aesthetically decent game! I was expecting it to be a super cringe-fest, like Skullgirls and Fantasy Strike, to name a few. But no, the aesthetics were actually tolerable. On the downside though, CPU vs CPU battles are not possible - I like to be able to just kick back and watch - only being able to watch (my own) recorded replays. So, a big downer right there. And the game also suffers from pixelation when too much is going on, like Guilty Gear: Strive, although not as bad (my webcam gets it the worst). So, overall I'm on the fence with this game.

And a good DBZ FighterZ session this evening. Man, this game's got a wide variety of stuff you can do! It's got A VISUAL NOVEL that you can read, and a gameplay tutorial (the same that you can find in the lobby) to go along with it. Last thing I'd expect in a fighting game lol. You can also earn in-game currency to buy various cosmetic and character-boosting stuff - kinda works the way the market boards works in FF XIV, except all the items are sold by the game itself and not the players - as well. And there's even an MMO aspect to this game, with their online lobbies. Chat, hang out, even challenge other players to a fight. And you can watch other players' replays here as well, so I don't actually NEED to have the CPU vs CPU battles feature. And I THINK you can watch matches go on in real-time as well, but I'd have to confirm this.

But otherwise, aside from the game being borderline unstreamable - it gets blurry when there's a lot going on. Not as bad as Guilty Gear: Strive but, it's there - I think I found my home, at least temporarily. :D>


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This morning I decided to go ahead and do a Pinball stream, after being inspired by watching a few Pinball YouTube videos. Did above average actually. Made a lot of my shots, but didn't quite get the big scores though. And scarface_eddy (his name doesn't come up on Twitch for some reason) dropped by too, so we had some real good chatty-chatty, which helped keep me focused. :)>

And a pretty good Dragonball FighterZ session today. I primarily did the story mode, as well as a little bit of the training mode as well (this was kinda redundant, as you'll get exactly the same tutorials in the story as well). And like Rivals of Aether, the in-game music is actually tolerable. But also repetitive. So, the way it's looking right now, I might end up playing vinyl while streaming, but we'll see (you can unlock additional background music, but it's all RNG).

But otherwise, time to call it a night, everyone. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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