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Joe's Thriday Goings-On, 7/1 - 7/2


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A pretty good DBZ FighterZ stream today. I did a fair variety of stuff this time. Did some story mode, did some practice, watched a few replays, as well as a "Combo Challenge" mode, where you have to perform combos of varying degrees of difficulty. I actually like this mode! A good way to figure out what buttons you're supposed to be pressing in order to max your damage, to get the most out of your character. I guess you could think of it as a combo tutorial. :)>


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Short - about an hour or so - session today. On basically no sleep. Same scenario as Wednesday, allergies and hot as hell in my bedroom (it was between 85 - 90° today, and no a/c in my room). Felt like I cracked my lower-back as I flopped around in bed as well, so I might be calling in from work tonight. -_-

But otherwise, for the DBZ session itself it was mostly story mode. I also tried my hand at arcade mode (basically just fight a series of progressively harder battles until you have to fight the Big Bad Boss. I THINK this is how it works.....) for the first time as well but didn't get very far, surprise surprise. But otherwise, I'm still liking this game, a complete surprise! :D>

Buuuut anyway, nap time, then maybe or maybe not - leaning towards not - I'll call in from work. But otherwise, <Take care>, everyone. And have yourselves a good weekend. ;)>

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