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Joe's Super Busy Weekend, 7/3 - 7/5


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This one was by request. A bit disturbing in hindsight.

Called in from work last night. My lower-back was pretty much shot. I was baby-stepping around to keep from hurting it any more than it already was.

But otherwise, I started watching a documentary called Special When Lit. WOW! Some of the most intimidating people I've ever seen (oh, FWIW people that look like this don't scare me. Much.) Some of these guys have more Pinball tables in their collection than I have in Pinball Arcade lol (of which I have around 100). I actually thought about streaming me watching this movie - aka having a watch party - but I figured that I'd get in a lot of trouble for doing so (copyright infringement comes to mind).

And a really good DBZ session this evening, albeit short (the usual it seems, nearly nil sleep due to my bedroom being a hotbox ie. roughly 85°). I completed arcade mode for the first time, and a new visitor named MoltenLava13 dropped by. And like me, he's a beginner with this game. So we just had a few matches together, one of which was a real nailbiter (See above. Oh, and I'm the red team)!


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In a rated PG show XD.....

Watched the 3rd episode of Dragon Ball this morning. DEFINITELY a show that skirts the line between rated PG and rated R! Otherwise, surprisingly I'm liking the show so far, compared to the Mortal Kombat's 10 & 11 stories I watched a long time ago, which I thought were just meh. I'd have figured it'd be the other way around, but nope. :/>

And a good Dragonball FighterZ session today. Like yesterday, I was doing some matches with MoltenLava13. And this time I was getting my ass kicked, big time. I think I lost every single match. :(> And later on, I hosted a 6-man "Party" match, where it's a 3 vs 3 match, but with each player controlling one character, rather than the usual 2 people controlling 3 characters each. Pretty fun actually. And I also figured out how the chat works in this game. It kinda works the same way <Auto-Translate> works in FF XIV, with lots of preset messages and icons that you can send out (you can't actually type messages in this game).

And later on, I started watching a movie called Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade, a movie about the Twin Galaxies arcade, located in Iowa. It was basically the video game Mecca, a place where gamers from all over the country would make a pilgrimage to. Good stuff. I miss arcades. :'(> Although eventually I'd lose interest, as the movie became more about the world record holders for various games, and not the arcade itself. *sigh*

But after that fell through, I just played a little bit of Dragonball FighterZ, then a bit of Pinball FX3, playing a few randos, where I actually CRUSHED my previous high score on Secrets of the deep. :D>

Oh, and before I forget again, here's something I whipped up around the time that I was watching Special When Lit, answering the question "What advice would I give to someone who wanted to learn Pinball?" This:

Sorry if none of this makes sense.


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Short and dead stream today, with only MoltenLava13 dropping by for a hot minute. Feeling like crap, due to bad sleep. I primarily did training mode on Master Roshi, and a little bit of story mode as well before shutting down for the night (a few videos I need to make and upload, which will probably take me all night)

Okay, time to call it a night, guys. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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