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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday Goings-On, 7/6 - 7/7


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Another one by request. A little on the *GULP!* side.

Played some Pinball FX3 this morning and well, whaddya know!....

But the rest of the time, like usual, I sucked.

I also watched Episode 4 of Dragon Ball, and surprisingly nothing really preverted this time. Big shocker! :O>

And a dead stream this evening, with only Keitaro87 dropping by for a moment. And a dead streamER as well, due to some bad good sleep. But unfortunately, it was all catch-up sleep, just paying off the sleep debt that I incurred when it was 90-100° outside and between 85-90° in my bedroom (it was rainy and around 70° today).

Pretty much! (main antagonist in story mode)

But as for the session itself, I just continued working on the story mode and did some training, then just called it good.


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A not too bad Pinball FX3 session this morning, and I even DEMOLISHED an old high score (see above).

Just one of many.

But for Pinball Arcade though I couldn't shoot for shit, so I ended up quitting the stream early before I got too pissed off. So much for that. -_-

And a good but dead evening stream, with none of my regulars coming on. I did mostly story mode, and watched a few impressive replays of pro players who were using unpopular low-tier characters, yet it was still fun as hell watching them make it work. I'll take this over upper-crust ass kickers that have matches that are shorter than all the fanfare surrounding them any day. :D>

Okay, nap time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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