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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday stuff, 7/20 - 7/21

Monday Night/Tuesday

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Watched another great Not Just Bikes video about American cities last night, specifically suburban ones (see above). The walk he took in that video was definitely relatable (It's one of the reasons I don't jog).

And this evening's DBZ session went pretty good, albeit kinda stressful. I did A BUNCH of online battles with MoltenLava13 today. And I actually won a few of these. Well, whaddya know!

Otherwise, outside of that I just did my usual training mode and replay watching, of which I found some good ones, guys winning matches with low-tier characters, and not just the top-tier OP ones that I often see. Definitely stuff I can learn from!

And here's the LP records I spun today:

Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti
Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get

Tuesday Night/Wednesday

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As requested by Keitaro87,.....

So, for my Pinball session, as has been going on for some time now, I did pretty damn good in Pinball FX3 - especially Portal (see above) - but completely sucked ass in Pinball Arcade. Couldn't get anything going. Had the aim of a stormtrooper with the overall ineptness of Charlie Brown. Just have to hope for a better time next week.

Oh, and that's not Bulma. It's Oolong, the shapeshifting pig, impersonating her. The real Bulma understandably wants nothing to do with Roshi lol.

Watched episode 8 of Dragon Ball. The name of the episode is "The Kamehameha Wave", but really it should've been called "Dirty Old Man". Ol' Master Roshi got the hots for Bulma, a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, and offered to help the gang in exchange for a date with her. A bit on the pedo side it seems. And this is a rated-PG TV show by the way. Sheesh! -_-

And for this evening's stream I was Mr. Popular today. A whole revolving door of visitors came by, making for lots of chat. Awesome! :D>

Buuut anyway, I just did my usual stuff, a bit of practice and some story mode. I also did an arcade mode (easy) run as well. And it seems the game decided to jack up the difficulty, especially in story mode. Now I'm struggling just to advance in the storyline. Oh well, just keep chugging I guess. Oh, and I also watched a few replays per usual as well, watching the low-tier gods get their wins. :D>

Okay, time to call it a night, guys. <Take care>, everyone. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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