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Joe's Thriday Doings, 6/1 - 6/2


Some Cards Against Humanity lol

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A not-as-good Gems of War stream today. A pretty dead one, with only Lmartyr dropping by for a short while. Apparently he got a new place. And he's also going to build a new whirlpool in there as well. Movin' on up!

But for the session, it was standard fare, dailies and farming and whatnot. I was getting pretty cranky towards the end, due to a constant stream of bad RNG. Luckily though, the stream only lasted two hours. Just gotta hope that tomorrow's session - IF I have one, that is - is gonna be better than today's. -_-


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Pretty much a rinse & repeat of yesterday, just running dailies, and then the weekend bounty event. And another dead one as well, with just Keitaro87 dropping by for a bit. So, hopefully things will be better over the weekend, when I can actually rest and recoup from the good but rough work week (fucked my feet up yesterday from all the excessive walking around. Back of my neck was hurting as well).

Okay, nap time. Then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, everyone. And you all have yourselves a good weekend! ;)>

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