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The Meowfia now recruiting!


Are you new to the world of Final Fantasy 14 and feel you've been thrown into the deep end? Do you need help but are too afraid to ask that intimidating Roegahdyn in the end game armour? Then look no further than The Meowfia! A Free Company, based on Moogle, dealing in none illegal activities to aid you through your Eorzean experience.

This Free Company IS for you if...
You are a new player who is looking for a welcoming free company to help you through the game
You are a semi-experienced player who would love to help make a new players experience easier and better.
You enjoy sticking to an aesthetic and enjoy light RP (Not mandatory)
Want to meet new people and love to play with people

This Free Company is NOT for you if...

You are an experienced player looking for an end game raiding experience (Maybe in time this will change, but not at this moment in time)
You prefer a single player experience and don't play on being interactive with others
You are impatient

If you wish to inquire or join please speak to the following members:

Z'eran Tia
Spicy Kittieboi
Lilith Kennedy
L'ralka Zula

You can find us in within the 3 starting cities of Uldah, Limsa Lominsa and Gridania. We wish you the best in your FF14 experiences and hope to hear from you soon!
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