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My own meteor experience

(Authors' notes: I have long since completed 5.3 and this entry is overdue. I'm also going to play with a few things that may/may not be lore supported and definitely would break game mechanics but will fit with personal lore. Moderate spoilers. Also I hope I got the personalities right.)

Finding a partially used memory sphere, Drail activates and pens his thoughts to its data banks

Memory sphere 7

Day 90

Several adventures have passed since my tale with Kalina, and I am not sure what happened to the spheres that I had recorded them on. Perhaps they'll turn up some day or in the future where someone was assigned to study 'primitive living' much like we study tomestones for glimpses at 'advanced living'

Regardless, this is a tale that was half-told at a reception for a former free company member that parted ways. Lili Ame and I had struck up a conversation in an attempt to catch up on events happening beyond what we know. She wanted to hear about my time in the First and everything that had happened. I started to warm to the tale, then realized that there may be people who wouldn't understand what I was speaking about so I offered to regale her at a safer location. As interested as she might have been, she politely declined.

So here I am, recording events as I recall them.

I had been prospecting in a new canyon area in the Amber Hills of Amn Araeng when the sky grew overcast. Rather abruptly. The miners and I looked up. Central to the overcast was a light glow that steadily grew brighter. Suddenly it was as if the sky was falling. Meteor after meteor rained down in arching glory. Several of those around me swore they heard a voice amidst all the commotion. Others felt suddenly reminiscent about a past they could not remember. This traced back to a similar meteor event weeks ago and despite my best researching the best trace of information I could find was the representation of a famous character that was several thousand years in the distant past recording a similar event within a cavern of Rak'Tika. I too had a stirred memory, but it was very faint; like the edge of a dream that was familiar but not at the same time. I shook my head, trying to clear and order my thoughts.

I'm glad I did, for that was not the only thing I sensed. From within the stirring of aether I felt summoning magic. After much reflection up to this point it was not dissimilar to the aether trail I followed that led me here to the First originally. But this magic felt incomplete for some reason. But I felt it on a larger scale, like many simultaneous summons. Rays of light fell nearby and figures stepped from them bearing a variety of arms and armors. It was like watching a museum come to life with terrible grace.

One of the foremen pointed down the ravine. An airship had just crashed not far away. From its colors it hailed from Eulmore. I pulled out a magnifying sextant I had on me to see if there were survivors. Amidst the wreckage seven people managed to crawl out. Breathing a sign of relief I told my crew what I saw. But the relief was short lived as several of the light-warriors started to converge on the staggering crew or passengers. "We have to help them," I say. Partially to myself, but just loud enough for others to hear.

"Bugger that," someone replies. "That's too dangerous."

"Why don't we use some of the talos instead? That would be safer," another chimes.

The foreman ponders this. "Drail, take two talos and go down tunnel delta. That should rendezvous you with the group in no time. If they manage to make it all the way this far, the other two will act as vanguard for any counter-attack."

I nod and motion two of the rear talos to come with me, infusing a hand motion with aether and a command to follow. Tunnel delta was a gently curving downslope that we hiked up earlier in the day. Advancing at a trot, we cover good ground, but I fear it might be too late. Sounds of combat echo up to our position. Infusing more aether, I order a marching run and one of the talos scoop me up in order to cover more ground.

When we reach the ravine entrance, we find that a landslide had blocked off the path further up. Four figures of the seven remain, one (a male hyur) at the edge of the rockslide shouting "Y'Stola! You and the rest go on ahead! We'll find another way back to the Crystarium!" Dimly a response is heard from a female voice.

Y'Stola...? can't be possible...

A small female hyur notices our advance and bares a pair of daggers at us. For one so small, her face is determined. "Who are you?" This prompts a reaction from the hyur and a pair of elezen; a male in robes and holding a starglobe preparing to cast a spell and a female wielding a rapier and focus; both primed for combat. The male hyur quickly hurries over and stands in front of the female hyur, a peculiar sword gripped over his shoulder. A grim determination slides across his face.

I raise my hands slightly. "Hold on! I'm not here for a fight. In fact, I'm here to see what aide I can render."

A gasp is heard and everyone turns to the female hyur. "He...he's like our friend. Both soul and body in this world."

The male hyur studies her and after a moment nods, putting up his weapon. "Well, she's not been wrong before." Then he looks at me with piercing eyes. "He's from the Source. A friend if I ever would guess." He extends a hand towards me. "Thancred, by way of introduction. My colleagues of the Scions Urianger and Alisie. And Ryne." He nods at each in turn. "Our other companions were caught on the far side of that slide during an attack. Have you a way to get back to the Crystarium? Perhaps an airship waiting nearby?"

I shake my head as I shake his hand. I can't believe I'm talking to not just one, but three of the legendary Scions from home! No one is going to believe this. "Sadly, I do not. It was a long road to arrive here with my fellow miners." I look at the rockslide. "And even with the talos' help, we won't be able to clear it in time to take the ravine."

Alisie nods agreement. "Aye. I'm a little familiar with the rocks of the area. No way to break through quickly..."

A surge of aether sings in my veins. "Imcoming!" I shout, just in time as a pair of lights converge on us. They reveal mages of a different era and they immediately begin attacking. I call out in the pixie language the only phrase I know. "[My guide, my Aide! Come to me!]" My pixie companion springs from the aether and, as he knows most of what I know, immediately sets about protective spells on all present while I summon my staff and muster my arcane knowledge to defend and attack.

The struggle was brief. Urianger is badly injured from the opening moments, one talos destroyed by a fiery conflagration and the rest of us take minor wounds. Thancred kneels beside him. "He'll live, but he's out of action." He looks at me. "Can you command the remaining talos to take him back to your mining camp? We must press on to the Crystarium."

I nod and motion to one talon, point at the downed healer, and give the command line of "BaseCamp". It hums acknowledgement and gingerly picks him up and walks up the path.

I pull out a map. Briefly studying it, I point at side tunnel theta. "Here. This will lead us back to Twine, and from there the road back to the Crystarium. We need to be careful, though. It hasn't been brought up to code and still has issues with sudden cave-ins."

They talk among themselves and Ryne says "We'll take the risk. I'll do what I can to enforce the immediate areas we pass through."

Alisie nods and hops from foot to foot. "What are we waiting for? Let's get a move on!"

Mercifully, we don't encounter any hostiles while traversing the tunnel, though distant thuds of impact shook dirt from the ceiling on occasion. We get to the far end and exit. The town is sieged by several light-warriors. Some of the townsfolk are fighting back but are ill-equipped and are beaten back. Sighing, Thancred charges in with the rest of us close behind. Not to say we make short work of them but it was a challenging fight.

At the end of everything as we leave the town an aetheric circle springs up around us and another shaft of light appears. From it springs a larger what looks like a clown getup. "Hello! I'm the Famed Mimic! I will copy your actions!"

"The hells you will," mutters Alisiae and he launches at him. The smiling.

I cast my {rescue} on her, aborting the attack. "Hey, think a moment," I tell her. "What if he's telling the truth? If you hit him, he might hit back, and harder too." She thinks a moment, then she huffs. "I dislike waiting." But she stands in place, looking balefully at the mime.

A minute passes, then two. Suddenly it bursts into laughter and claps. "Wonderful! Simply wonderful! You were copying me copying you! Congratulations!" In a burst of light it vanishes and the ring dissipates. Ryne look at where it was. "That was...unexpected."

"But most welcome," Thancred chimes in. He looks around, then we all look to the north. More beams of light are converging in that direction. "We'd better hurry," he says and pulls out a key and cermet pad. Giving it a light tap, he summons a most peculiar vehicle and climbs to the steering wheel. "Everyone in," he says and we climbed aboard with Ryne taking the seat next to him.

Alisie looks sideways at me with a mix of respect and grumpiness. "You're pretty handy in a fight, I will admit," she finally admits. "But in some respects you're just like my brother." I'm confused by the statement but I take the complement for what it is.

About a yalm from the gate all get out. "We'll make it from here," Thancred says. "Thanks for the help." They give a polite bow and race towards the spire town. I'm left with my own thoughts to these events. I know something important has happened and plan on inquiring more about it come the morning.
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