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Sargatanas (Aether)

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what is up with people.

I have been playing this game for a long time now and never had to deal with such a toxic healer in my life. 1 small mistake by our tank and he goes off on a tangent and I of all people had to put him in check. Could not tell if he was a new healer who didn't know how to deal with tanks who pull more than one group while missing 1 mob or if he was just a prick. But giving he had a meteor survivor ring and only one job leveled up i'm going to say just a prick.

God help me.
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Serena Sable

Louisoix (Chaos)

So a 1.0 player who either quit for awhile or has only ever played 1 job. You'd be happy to know we're not all that nasty. Sounds like a toon town player though lol, thats the only type of community that oven fries you if you make any human error at least.

Like how dare the tank be human and not pluck that mob. Shame on him/her! You too for being humane, a human trait!

Raifur Almasyon

Spriggan (Chaos)

Hi Raspberyl.
Welcome to the world of MMOs.
You'll meet elitists, toxic jerks, passive-aggressors-to-a-fault
and other dubious creatures from time to time. Old 1.0 era, half-way joined, or recent subbers, it makes no difference.
Yet, don't let it get to you and your heart.
For we cannot change effectively how people behave online.
All you can do is play on, move on and don't give a damn about those who would deny it to you. Best wishes. o/
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