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The Gift of Roleplay: GPOSERS "The Blackest Night"

Today is something of a landmark for me and is something I am really proud of, both for myself and everyone who contributed to making this happen. Silver Valkyrie is featured in the latest issue of GPOSERS magazine(June 2020) - The Blackest Night.

"The Gift of Roleplay" by Arkana Grey is a wonderful introduction to where to start if you want to get into the world of roleplay. She spoke to several of the Event Hosts within the Silver Valkyrie Community, so as to try and explain how simple it can be to get into the roleplaying scene, and that, on Light particularly, those who host events are willing to do what they can.

You will find the article on pages 115-122. Please make sure to go and check it out, as well as the rest of the wonderfully written articles published, both in this and previous issues.

Please go and check out the latest issue of GPOSERS here:
Website - Volume 22 - Direct Download - Twitter - Instagram - Tumblr - Discord

If you are interested in getting involved with the work we do and the fun we have at Silver Valkyrie, please do not hesitate to come and join our Discord - - Looking forward to having fun with everyone!

Morgana Browne
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