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Silver Valkyrie's Festival of Light 2021

Well! Another year and another Festival of Light has come and gone! What a ride it has been! I want to take a little time to say some very big thank-yous and let you all see all of the hard work that went in if you were unfortunate enough to miss out.

First up, the cast and crew. When we began to crack on with planning all the way back at the start of April, the only initial input we had was the Large Florist Walls. As often seems to be the case, it was a rather unintentional off-handed comment that actually was the idea that quite literally bloomed into the story we performed last night! Kaze and Midori put a huge amount of work into crafting the poster and profiles, making sure that all of the details were just perfect. Developing characters for the new Spirits was interesting and fun. Mis'to, Penny and Rina'ta all did a fantastic job adapting to their new roles, and Tomoyo and Vell did a great job in keeping up the energy and telling stories with the new members of the team. Huge shout to Rowland and Josuke for helping start the procession and keeping everything in order throughout the night.

If you missed the details about each of the spirits, you can find more information here.

A massive thank you to Xem and Mina for taking the time to record the opening procession and our dance. If you didn't get the chance to see it and want to, please do check out Mina’s youtube. Our RP menu is also available to see here.

Congratulations to everyone who won their fair share of over 10 million gil-worth of prizes and over £40 in cash shop prizes, especially to Kaze for winning the jackpot prize on his very first roll. Kubera’s luck certainly seemed to be with him. Vell’s artwork was absolutely fantastic; I am looking forward to seeing her third sketch and the commission that Mis’to also donated as a prize. Midori also did a fantastic job of taking pictures throughout the evening. If you wish to check out more of her work, you can do so here.

Seeing that you enjoyed yourself through our hard work means the world to us. An extra thank you to those who left a comment in our guestbook and shared pictures on our discord. If you have any extra pictures, or you want to let us know about your experience, please do head to #event_pictures or #sve_experiences on our discord, and share your little bit of joy.

To help word of the community's hard work spread further, we recently created a Twitter account and a hashtag. Use the tag and your Tweet will be automatically retweeted and posted on the server too. You can help us by following, liking and retweeting, not just on Twitter, but on Tumblr and my Lodestone blog too.

It is our pleasure to provide for our community as always. We look forward to seeing you all at the events in the future.

May the Twelve and Spirits be your guide.
Morgana Browne
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