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Novice Network, never mention the intro video

I have found today that the so called Mentors take a very dim view to any one who may mentions the intro video. They deny there are spoilers, but if you say what you saw and question it, they will threaten you and other players will attack you. So we are all best to pretend we never saw the video or make no mention of it.

I was called an ass, but it is they who are selfish asses. Screw those jackasses. Good riddance, I it is time to silence privileged mess that mess and walk away. I wish not to hear your excuses, your whining, your hypocrisy, or the threats. I should become the darkness this chapter demands. Unlike Batman, if you come for me, I will not leave you bound, I will destroy you. Return to the ether and be silent.
Now if only I can find way to remove NN and black list the mentors who have insulted me. Really the black listing is easy, I cannot seem to find the way to remove the connection. Rather The log window has been closed and I would prefer it to stay closed if not that so many party's expect conversation.

I find that NN Mentors like to say they are not moderators. They maintain a hypocritical stance. Doing as they will until they see something they didn't like then make threats. It is normally quite civil until that moment and it can change in a flash. Like mentioning the intro video. How dare we. Mention what you thought you saw again and you will be banned. Fine, ban me you asshole. I need you not.
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Chumeia Messmer

Sargatanas (Aether)

I have thrown the Novice Network linkshell into the ether and enchanted a curse to any who dain to invite me back. It and its mentors are hereby banished for all time.

I recognized only the Authority of actual Moderators employed by Square Enix. If you are one of them, then do not bother me.
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