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3 Shells are Better than 1, Guvnah!

What's up, my ninjas?!

You know what they say: 3 shells are better than one! Welcome to the Free Company, Kina (pronounced Ken-uhh) Kamado, a little damsel in distress trying to navigate Ul’Donkey with a controller AND a mouse, whaddafook? So proud of this sprout tho because I have yet another glam buddy, and the more catgirls and bois in my life, the fuckin better!

Roo and I just been hookering about Coerthas trying to find pockets of joy (or lalafools). We met a big bad leopard dad wearing a he-string and collar but he would not be tamed by our love and affections. He even fookin logged after our fungeon together, despite responding amicably to our intonations of desire! Then we met this stripper named Summer, but she was cold as a Coerthas winter, bruh. So yeah we just drove around in my Maserati and took ELFies :D. INDULGE below!

Scar met up with us by accident in Upper La Noscea near some Junkmonger who was slingin’ some illicit shit after she gathered enough chamomile to make the Elder Seedseer happy, you know—the ruler of GRENADINE, new and old. I got this theory about the Seedseer (Kan-E-Senna, that binch), and I think you should know that since I’m part of the criminal underbelly of Eorzea (OREO-zea), I happen to know she’s got some SEEDY dealings, bruh. She seems all calm and happy and shid, but I hear she traffics in lala sacrifices and sells their adrenaline glands on the black market, 12 help us.

Speaking of chamomile, Osi washed his toe-sies, but since not everyone is into shrimpin’, we got his back, ya? It’s like a back rub, you suck my toes, I’ll ARRIVE on yours, chum!

Rain stayed up for two days, maybe three, and we talked about turtle Gods and sawed some logs (slept, not unlocked carpenter) at the keyboard! We have a virtual kava date coming up, don't you forget it, bruv!

I'm fookin' tired tbt I drove 6 hours IRL today to sink my toes into Redondo Beach sand and stuff my face with mashed popotos >:P

Catch me on my hellfrog!

/beckon ghost butt



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