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A day of not freezing

The Admiral (who also has a different voice) is as happy to see us as I am to see her. Alphinoob asks, and she says that she and Kan-E-Senna and Pipin talked and got the Syndicate to keep the nonsense quiet. She also shares what the three ladies discussed in that cutscene. And the guvmint is keeping Nanamo’s death quiet, too.

Alphinoob wants to know why our friend is still alive. The Admiral says he was recently moved by some guys wearing blue. Maybe they want to keep his death quiet too? The princeling is not too happy. I wish JoJo could smack him in the back of the head. According to the Admiral, the rich douche and the sellouts may not get along as well as they used to, but more importantly, Yugiri is looking for my man! The princeling gets a few points for admitting this mess happened because he decided to hire a bunch of shady dudes.

We’re supposed to meet a lady who works in a kitchen at Revenant’s Toll. JoJo hugs Higiri like they’re paying her to do it. She tells her that fake bro Yuyuhase left the Hall of Justice 2.0 at the same time Raubahn was moved. We hurry to Highbridge, where we find our they’re probably going to kill him at Halatali. Okay, let’s do this! Laurentius is mine because he screwed me twice, I guess Alphinoob can take Yuyuhase if he wants, and of course Raubahn has the right to wreck Ilberd’s shit.

Good old Yugiri joins us. She congratulates Alphinoob on being in a better place mentally. The princeling acknowledges he’s regained his sense of purpose. Hey, what about me? I’ve been through some mess! THIS is why I like Fray. He bothers to acknowledge that *I* feel things too. The coliseum barely has any dudes at first, which makes it look like a trap. We find Raubahn chained up and inside some kind of force field. Yugiri doesn’t think it’s a good idea to mess with it. Alphinoob says there’s a key we can beat out of someone. Time to split up, gang! Unfortunately, Yuyuhase walks in and tells us we’ve just started breathing in poison, because he wants money. So Yugiri keeps my man semi-healed while JoJo runs through nasty green clouds and cuts people till she picks up an identification key. Hang on... isn’t magitek a Garlean thing? Did the Crystal Braves sell out to the Empire, too? I guess it doesn’t matter. As soon as Raubahn is free, my three least favorite non-Ascian people in the world show up.

(All those bribes, and yet Laurentius has the same crappy spear from when I confronted him in the South Shroud. Maybe Yuyuhase taught him about Eorzea’s equivalent of FIRE and he’s putting all his ill-gotten gil toward that.)

I beat the three of them like they ruined my life -BECAUSE THEY DID -and Ilberd talks some of the same mess Iceheart did, how JoJo is a pawn. The man considers himself to be in the same situation, and is super sad about Ala Mhigo. I have no idea how him killing his ex-best friend’s boss and framing me for it is supposed to help Ala Mhigo, but he does a ninja thing and the three of them flee. Run while you can, you sellouts, but y’all ARE going to die! In pain! At least this gives Raubahn the chance to regain his strength and deliver the final beatdown himself later, the way he deserves to. Right now he looks so injured and tired and sad. I make JoJo smile and tell him we’re with him. He says he refuses to die till he gets sweet revenge, and he’ll do anything to make that happen. Good man! Alphinoob asks him if he knows Lolorito hasn’t said anything about the death. NO, because he‘s been in jail! Alphinoob thinks Nanamo might have made it. Yugiri thinks we should GTFO and find somewhere safer.

Outside, a random dude says that his boss is a friend and we should go see Urianger at the old Hall of Justice. He was nice enough to bring a carriage so Raubahn can stay off his feet. I refrain from smacking Alphinoob this time; he says he called Urianger and the man said it was true. When we get there, Pipin is also waiting for his father. Awww! (I don’t remember Papashan. But he’s here too.) A cool older lady’s voice says the Sultana is not dead. Dewlala says we all got used by Lolorito, which is why the poor woman is only mostly dead and probably locked up wherever while she sleeps. Is there somebody turning her over periodically? Raubahn sinks to his knees for a moment and lets us know Lolorito has got his coming, but downer Dewlala points out the man DID stop Nanamo from dying and he values STABILITY in government, just like she does. After all the crap everyone has gone through, at least let us break his legs. The smug douche deserves that much. He can attend Syndicate meetings in his gold-plated wheelchair. CAN I PLEASE KILL OR AT LEAST MAIM SOMEBODY SOON UGHHHHH
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