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Please just do one, Ardbert

Now I just got done seeing a certain somebody’s memories. And I will admit that Ardbert has done something useful by telling the WoL... er, WoD where to find Emet-Selch AKA my next target. But he could have visited me just one or two times during the story and been the same amount of useful, instead of constantly following me around, talking at me like we’re supposed to like each other, haunting my freaking hotel room when I just want to eat sandwiches in peace...

One complaint I know some people had about Heavensward is that they didn’t like how the game made their WoLs so close to Haurchefant. And now I totally get where they’re coming from. I DIDN’T WANT MY WOD TO GIVE THIS MAN A FIST BUMP. FIST BUMPS ARE FOR FRIENDS. LET ME FIST BUMP ALISAIE.

(I have no idea why he’s able to touch my WoD. Hopefully the game will explain that soon, as well as why she seems to like him.)
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