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Lamia :Warrior LF dps+healer for Duty Roulette

Looking for a consistent team to do duty roulettes with. I main a warrior and volunteer as designated tank of the party. I need a healer and two DPS classes (perferably one magic and one melee).

I've been playing for two weeks now and would like to make it to the level cap and also like to get better at playing my role in a dungeon. I think a Linkshell could be an option -- open for chat if our numbers grow beyond one party.

If you're trying to reach the level cap with a certain class within the range of 28-38 then please send a /tell to Aviel Anistal.
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Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

If you're a tank wouldn't you get instant queues anyways?
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