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WELP, talked about how to get you decent gear at 50, letz flip da script and talk about how to UPGRADE your Crafted 380 Gear at 70.

Ok so yes, to afford ALL Crafted 380 gear you need to be Balla Status, have friends that are REALLY GOOD friends, can craft it yourself, or you have wisely levled both gathering jobs and can reap the benefits of your hardwork!
Regardless of how you came to pocess your crafted ilevel 380 crafted gear/acc/weapons..CONGRATS.
Now, onto making it 390 gear!

FIRST THINGS FiRST! Once you upgrade to 390 you lose the potential to overmeld. Please keep this in mind if that is something that is important to you! That out of the way....

Unequip whatever item you want to upgrade, in this example we will assume you are STILL a monk with a Haori of Striking HQ Chest piece:

Head to Rhalgr's Reach
Mosey on over to J'tandaa *located by the retainer bell
J'tandaa will have a few options, opt for EARN Rakshasa Tokens HQ. Trade in your 380ilevel Rakshasa Haori of Striking to him, he will then award you "tokens" in return.

Next head across the way to NPC ENNA
Of her choices, Other Mendacity> and Purchase Doman Reiyaku x5 with Mendacity tomes

Back to J'tandaa, ( I promise you this isn't another fruitless fetch quest D: )
You wil then choose from his options, USE Rakshasa Tokens HQ
Now be VERY Careful, make sure if you have HQ items you are always choosing HQ!!!
Swap out your Rashasa Token and Doman Reiyaku for a new 390ilevel quick and easy upgrade!

Hope this helped in some way or another ; )
Let me know if you have any questions!
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Um, not that I wold know ANYTHING about THAT, RIGHT Aria dear? ;-)

(She STILL has not forgiven me for that staff!)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Be very sure you bought enough reiyaku to buy the upgraded item before trading in the old one!

During the last patch (350>360 I think) I traded in all my gear for resistance tokens and was left standing in my undies feeling very stupid for not realising you need other stuff to upgrade, haha.
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