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*Etoile d'Argent*
The sky in a dawn
Though an orange gradation looks at the sky in a very beautiful dawn from lavender.
That's miracle of lavender. Flower of the lily a tapir dreams about. Invitation to the dream world.
Taipiridae gray adds Earl Grey tea and orange tea jam to white peach Earl Grey tea in Earl Grey classic, and has a dream while looking at the sky in a dawn. A very very nice dream.
The previous night's story on the day of St. Nicolas who dozes in the dream world when that's delicious.
It's so! I'll scatter peanuts!

*Digital housemaid work*
That's the beautiful world like love of Nat King Cole

Energy of a sleep was born in Bethlehem, already, I sing at Christmas.


Die Blümelein sie schlafen
schon längst im Mondenschein,
sie nicken mit den Köpfen
auf ihren Stengelein.
Es rüttelt sich der Blütenbaum,
es säuselt wie im Traum:
Schlafe, schlafe, schlaf du, meine Kindelein!



ナルドのつぼ ならねど
ささげまつる わが愛
みわざのため 主よ 潔めて
うけませ うけませ

よわき民に ちからを
おぐらき世に ひかりを
あたえて主の たかき御旨
なさばや なさばや

怖ずるものに 平和を
なげくものに のぞみを
わかちて主の ふかき恵み
あらわさん あらわさん

この世のわざ おわりて
あまつ国に かえらば
主よみまえに 仕えまつらん
ときわに ときわに


讃美歌 391番

Lyrics & Music Edwin Pond Parker 1888

(270年頃 - 345年または352年12月6日)


A bridge of a rainbow spans a Christmas tree. That's a light of love.
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