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Exiting the Cave: Ori's New Adventure

For most players coming to a Final Fantasy game, a wave of nostolgia, familiar art styles, and even a few reoccurring critters can do a lot to immediately orient and immerse a player into the story and world. However, for those of us who never really got into the previous Final Fantasy Titles (I tried 8 and liked it until some know-it-all took the liberty of over-writing my game with his, messing up my characters and causing me to quit) coming to a completely new world can be quite daunting.

All the other knowledge you've accumulated from other titles such as WoW, ESO, Guild Wars, etc either goes out the window or serves to hinder learning a new play style.

Despite all this, after playing for a month and change, I find myself captivated by Eorzea and its story. I'm very excited to progress and learn, and take on the primals or anyone who crosses me and my pointy, pointy hat.

This blog will be for random observations, fun success stories, or anything else I feel like sharing. I'd also love to get to know my fellow players as one of the nice thing about this game is its seemingly great player base.

I'm Orifielle Cerfblanc and I look forward to killing stuff with fire for the team!
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C'eci Ayuuki

Exodus (Primal)

I'm so glad you joined us in the wonderful world of Eorzea, and I'm even more happy to hear that you are having a great time!

I can't wait to kill more things with you and create a menagerie of minions and mounts!
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