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WAR #9: A Crystalline Prophecy

Warning: This blog entry will include MSQ spoilers, particularly of patch 5.4!

Me as I look off into the distance, pondering the fact that somehow I had never cleared T10 back in the day, until yesterday when I soloed it for Wondrous Tails...

Wrathful And Resolute #9: A Crystalline Prophecy

Welcome once again folks to the WAR blog. We're finally at the end of our road reflecting on Lisotte's path catching up in the MSQ; which really is our path to reflect on now, because we're all Warriors of Light in FFXIV! There's definitely other content that I was catching up on in FFXIV before I even got into 5.4 (particularly since I had like 1-2 weeks that I was caught up on 5.3 before 5.4 dropped) but seems like it makes sense to talk about the latest MSQ before side stuff.

Oh, and by the way, I never finished A Crystalline Prophecy, seemed dull so all I can remember is that infamous crystal cutscene you see when you reach Jeuno for the first time, and is never referenced again. But I was thinking of what phrase had the word "crystal" in it due to the title "Reflections in Crystal" and that came to mind.

Now then, where were we?


Last we left off, we'd just felled Elidibus, the last of the unsundered Ascians. We'd saved the First, and taken off back to the Source with the Scions. The Scions all wake up okay in the Source, but we run off to the Crystal Tower to find our newest companion: G'raha Tia.

Who as we suspected and will still confirm, is our #1 biggest fan, though Alisaie contends for the title.

We begin right where we left of, in Revenant's Toll, taking counsel with the Scions:

There's a big counsel coming up with the Alliance. However, Alisaie wants to go and find a cure for tempering. I was kinda surprised by this, definitely was not the direction I saw the MSQ going in. I was expecting to deal with Zenos right away or something. But somehow we take off on a road trip with Alisaie and G'raha. The plan is to investigate Azys Lla, but we need something to help us get there...

Kinda surprised we never got an airship for the Scions before? Though as the WoL ourselves seems like our chocobo could always get us where we needed to go (Lisotte's chocobo's name is Scratchy btw, carrying on a naming convention from Belegorm's pet in GW1 where I played a somewhat non-optimal warrior/ranger).

We reach Azys Lla and G'raha is geeking out over the place. He wants to find a report on tempering made by one Owen from the time of the Allagans. I'm dead certain I've heard that name Owen before in FFXIV but probably not in the MSQ. After some fetch questing, we meet a wisecracking orb thing that recognizes G'raha's royal blood and needs the password to read the report:

No luck here so off to ask Cid for help. Of course, Cid has a plan to crack the code and soon we find new information on how to potentially undo tempering, if G'raha can make a new spell:

G'raha has a plan to create a new spell to undo tempering. We need more processing power which requires more ceruleum, so we run off to Ishgard in hopes of borrowing some. Which we succeed in, but also meet an old friend again.

Weirdly enough I tried to impress upon Valerie how popular Aymeric is, how everyone says he's so dreamy, etc. but somehow she doesn't see it! Poor Baemeric

What is interesting is we learn about how the city-states are working to try and form bonds with the beastmen, to work together as equals and friends. Which is a noble goal, and a big departure from the style of FFXI where beastmen were purely enemies mostly.

We get the ceruleum back to Mor Dhona and after calculating in a massive computer that almost blows up, G'raha is able to learn the spell! After which it's off to Limsa to see our old pal Ga Bu.

Wait, Ga who?

I have to admit, I'd pretty much totally forgotten about this character. I must've met Ga Bu not too long before my hiatus from the game, and while the MSQ and Alisaie try to impress upon me how important the character is, I didn't feel as desperate to save Ga Bu the way I think the writers wanted me to. Ga Bu's Japanese voice is adorable though:

The Mords in Norvrandt could learn from the Kobolds to wear masks you know

We're able to save Ga Bu, and also meet up with Alphinaud and Y'shtola while we're at it. Great, we've now got a cure for tempering. But no way to save the thousands of beastmen with just Angelo. So, it's off to see Matoya, the real Master Matoya. Who by the way, is not amused by hearing Y'shtola stole her name. Matoya sends us off on a quest for ingredients to create a new porxie!

And just like that, we break into the witch's old haunt, Matoya's Relict! This dungeon was maybe a tad less epic than Heroes Gauntlet, but I think it was a nice change of pace. Dungeons mostly were pretty serious for the story in Shb so in the same vein as the MSQ being a bit lighter this time, this dungeon felt just fun to run through. The music and colors remind me of a Disney cartoon too lol. There's three routes through the dungeon, and I do wish we could undertake them in any order; but that's not the FFXIV. At the end, we have to teach a mother porxie who's boss:

All the boss fights in this dungeon are pretty fun, and as I've ran it a number of times now, I've actually learned the mechanics! (as opposed to like, the dungeons pre 5.3 where I've not run them so many times so I'm not too familiar with them). We teach that mother porxie a lesson, G'raha casts a spell on her and uses her to spawn three additional porxies. Mission accomplished, then immediately back to Limsa.

We meet the most badass leader of the city-states again who has never really had her time in the spotlight, Merlwyb:

However, the pirates are causing trouble so we go to investigate and meet their current leader. We're found pretty quickly and go off to speak with the dude. Merlwyb shows up again and has a duel with the acting leader and shows her skill with pistols (something we really haven't seen before I think, or not in a reeeaallllyyy long time?). But the real captain shows up and reaffirms the pirates' loyalty to the Admiral:

Pretty cool pirate we see once and probably not again for the next 7 years

With the pirates under control, we head off to the Navel to meet with the current Kobold Patriarch to try and broke a peace treaty. A real treaty, to bring peace to the people of Vylbrand:

This is the cool looking face I have before wiping to Titan Unreal for like nights straight in this place shortly after finishing the MSQ...

We have a cool solo instance where again we see Merlwyb's awesome pistol skills. After we all work together to cure the Patriarch of tempering, he's all like "What? What's going on?" He's super shocked to see all the dead Kobolds lying around. However, he is not easily coaxed into a peace treaty, as humans once betrayed the Kobolds before. But Merlwyb lays her life on the line and offers the Patriarch her gun to pay a blood price:

Of course, Merlwyb isn't going to be killed just like that. And with Ga Bu's words, we are able to create a peace treaty with the Kobolds.

As we leave the area, suddenly our whole group is called away to witness a strange sight:

A giant creepy tower, shooting some kind of fire into the sky, apparently of Garlean design, right in the middle of the Floating City of Nym! We soon learn that they've popped up all over Eorzea and Yanxia, so head off to Ala Mhigo (the palace, not the dungeon) to take counsel. At this point, a particularly unhinged character shows up to crash the party, and we learn that yes, again, it's always Ascians:

Oh, great. This is the first moment the WoL learns of Fandaniel. It's not like we haven't had freaking seven years of finishing off the three unsundered Ascians, and now we have to deal with the sundered ones, who are apparently crazier and may seek to end the world? Not to mention, he's working for Zenos, who is even less interesting than Fandaniel (I guess we haven't had a truly nihilistic villain in the story before?). Lunar Bahamut is also kinda cool to look at:

Fandaniel simply wants the world to end and Zenos wants the ultimate showdown with us. Great. Can't a WoL/WoD ever catch a break around here?

We regroup at Revenant's Toll, and plan for the future:

After which, we have a freaky scene as something that looks like a tempered, or zombie, Garlean-sympathizing dude suddenly attacks Lyse:

We also see Fandaniel confer with Zenos. Why all the plotting, why not come and face us? I kinda hope we finish them off (or at least Zenos) before 6.0. Could really do without another Zenos expansion. Though it's kinda implied that Zenos is reincarnated Zodiark, and he's had dreams of the Final Days. Also loses his inner weeb as he breaks his katana and says he needs a new weapon:

But at this point, the foreshadowing ends, and we're finally caught up with the MSQ (again)! Finally, after all those years! I really felt a sense of accomplishment at this point. I enjoyed all the Limsa stuff quite a bit, I liked adventuring.

What did you think of the 5.4 MSQ? Feel free to share your views/predictions for the future in the comments. Next time on the WAR blog, going to go into completing the endgame activities such as the Nier raids, Bozja, the Sorrows of Werlyt questline and the Eden raids.

Thanks for reading!

E10S clear tonight plz?
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