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WAR/AST/WHM LF5.2 static / 戦占白5.2固定探 (Elemental)

FYI - this is closed (19/01/2020)

Hello XD

LF a friendly adult static group that can carry me through 5.2 in Elemental DC.
I am a very sexy, charming, and fun lalafell with heaps of excellent synergy and spirit to offer, a master papa wiki user and a pro gil maker, solely focused on entertaining myself and I am always on time.
I take pride in healing good looking tanks, but I'd rather tank myself this time:)

Here are my job preferences:

WAR - still leveling, but is the first choice, comes with no raiding experience but I am quite confident
AST - still leveling, has some raiding experience, but is not desirable as mentioned above
WHM - lvl80, lacks insight and is not recommended

Available between 19PM-22PM GMT+10, can be a little flexible on the end time.

Flexible, but early Sunday nights are appreciated

I am available on Discord.
I have more than enough monetary resources to achieve the best possible stats, quite serious about progress and am aiming to clear within the first three months.
My race preferences are Hrothgar, Elezen, Hyur, Miqo'te in descending order, and I wish to be the only lala in the group.
As mentioned above, I am a master wiki user and am against not doing any prior research.
As for loot distribution, I appreciate if you can put me first but this is negotiable.
And I appreciate the free cookie distributions:)

If you are interested or have any questions (btw I'm on Carbuncle), please comment down below or PM me in the game, I am almost always online.

Thank you XD

(Google translation below)




 - レベリング中、戦士がしたい、レイド経験はありませんが自信があります
 - レベリング中、いくつかのレイド経験がありますが、上記のように望ましくありません
 - lvl80、洞察に欠けており、お勧めしません





Comments (4)

Danny Arturis

Tonberry (Elemental)

Hello! I run a static that runs 3 days a week in need of tank on Tonberry. If you are interested in running with a group of semi-midcore folks who still like to have fun while progging for 5.2 raids when they drop, I can provide you my contact info and we can discuss things like a trial when you have your job leveled up completely.

Futomomo Miraretai

Carbuncle (Elemental)

Hey Danny thanks for your commentXD Sounds good! I've got five more levels to go. Let me know your contacts and we'll be in touch. Thx!

Danny Arturis

Tonberry (Elemental)

You can contact me on discord @ Danny Arturis#4496

Danny Arturis

Tonberry (Elemental)

Either that or my colleague who co leads, at Soaring#8791 since I will most likely be at work tomorrow til 4
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