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Dungeons, Trials and Raids

I have noticed of the last few months more and more players are exiting dungeons, trail and raids. This is annoying as then some times you can not then complete the stage and it is selfish of that player just to exit. Yes more new players have joined FF14 and they may not know how some of the fight work but just to exit at the start of the stage just coz the group may wipe or you don't want to explain how the stage goes is selfish and all it promotes is unfriendly play. This is why some players lash out and players with mentor status because they just play selfishly and don't consider others. Not all mentor players are like that, some will help out other players but just coz a few do it, it then makes other think that all mentors are like that.

So I have been thinking it would be nice maybe if you could change roles at the start of dungeons, trial and raids. I mean you can do this is pvp if you die you go to the start point and before you leave this area you are allowed to change your role what if Square did this with dungeons, trails and raids that way if players leave and other players can change the roles then you can just recruit new players. The reason I say this is coz when tanks or healers leave sometimes you wait forever for another one and sometimes a new one comes and then leaves straight away so then you are left waiting again, more player play dps then tank or healer soe recruiting dps is quicker and easier. so if there are players who can player other roles would it not make sense to let them change the role and recruit and easier role like dps.

Plus some players are happy to take the 30min penalty for skipping on a dungeon, trail or raid but I think this penalty dose not discourage this behavior so maybe a longer time like a 1 hour ban from dungeons, trail and raids this might stop the behavior and encourage players to play each level and not just exit coz it was not the level you wanted. As that is the point of the roulette is to go on a random level if you want a specific level then choose that level not a roulette.

I wonder how others in the Eorzea world feel about this and if this is happening of other servers and Data centers as well. Due to this and that fact that player are bullying other players is why a lot of players I know are leaving the game world as it is not longer fun for them. At the end of the day FF14 is a game and it should be fun first and foremost you should be able to play with friends and other alike as we all have one thing in common and that we want to play FF14 and have fun while doing that, as we are all fan's of the game and it better to have fun then not having any fun at all.
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