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Is PvP & Frontline Dead

Is Frontline & PvP in Eorzea dead.

I have noticed when waiting for these the wait time is like 20 min's or more and the other day I waited for nearly 2 hours. Or am I just unlucky.

I like and enjoy the frontline & PvP and I am currently trying to complete some of the rewards for completing certain mile stones but, like I said its seems like they have die out as not many people seem to be doing them anymore. Now is this a prelude to Frontline and PvP leaving Eorzea or is it just a lull and it will pick up again at some point.

Please let me know if it like this on other data center as I play on Light data center as I would be interested to know if others have seen the same thing or if it just a European thing or if it is a game wide thing.
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Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

I've been doing it daily for about a week. Usually around 2pm my time and have being getting around 5 min queue times on my data center.

Sarah Logangar

Brynhildr (Crystal)

PVP has always been unpopular since most people dont play this game to do it.
Many other MMOs do it better such as elder scrolls online where PVP can be done anywhere at any time with other players.
I would say that it really depends on the time of day. If you are trying to queue for pvp late at night or early mornings expect delays.



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There are pockets of communities that schedule stuff in PvP for people to do, with PVPaissa being one of the more well known communities floating around.

I don't keep tabs on Frontlines, but Feast is currently on Season 17. There's two ways to play in Feast, either solo or in teams of 4 (not the same as jumping in queue with 3 of your friends).

I believe Season 17 has been planned to be a solo season. Look around for a community on your datacenter and see when they set up these events. :)

Ricura Strifeheart

Phoenix (Light)

Thanks for letting me know what it is like on other data centers and servers really appreciate it
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