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Way of the Gil

Okay, someone asked me how do I to earn gil in FFXIV. And told them that there are a lot of ways to earn gil like doing leves, selling crafting materials, crafted gears, and house furnishings, and doing treasure maps. So I thought, why not give them an idea how they can earn gil. I think this can also help new players and dang, made it very long. xD

Buy and sell
requirements : have access to any housing areas, 15,000 gil, retainer
There are times people are too lazy to research the items they need or they just have too many gil to spend. So this is where we need to take advantage of them. 1st, we need to check what furnishings are the latest addition to the housing content that can be bought via npc. Once we learned what are those furnishings, we check the market board how much we can sell them for. Then buy them from the npc and sell them to the market board via retainer.

Grand Company Seals
requirements : Sergeant Second Class
So why Sergeant Second Class? Because you will be able to unlock colored gear turn ins to earn seals(it will also help your FC earn seals on every turn ins).
So how can I earn gil? Here are some examples of items you can buy with seals and sell them:
Althyk Lavender/Voidrake Seeds - used for gardening, produce can be used to exchange for crafting materials like Darksteel ore, mythrite ore and etc.
Coke - used for crafting
Hardened Sap - used for crafting
Scheelite - used for crafting
and more

Doman Enclave Reconstruction
requirements: access to Doman Enclave
This is a weekly thing. You can donate trash loots and they will pay you 120/280/200% the price of your items. I normally donate "Clear Demimaterias".

Extreme Trial crafting materials
requirements: Level 70/80 battle job, LUCK
Why level 70/80? Because ARR and HW EX trial mats are super cheap nowadays. Why LUCK? Coz my rolls are pretty bad(*cry*). And it's a plus if your desynthesis level is on par with the item level of the primal weapon so you can get additional materials. Then sell them in the market board.

Tomestones of Poetics
Requirements: Access to Idyllshire
Use poetics to buy either "Unidentified Ore or Unidentified Shell" then exchange it for Thanalan or Shroud top soil to Bertana. Then sell the soils in the market board.

Wondrous Tales
requirement: Unlock Wondrous Tales
This is also a weekly thing. Wondrous Tales gives you a journal with dungeons, trials, raids and pvp content to run and earn stamps. The more line you form the more rewards you will get. But let's just talk about getting 9 stamps coz you need a huge amount of luck to get more lines. 9 stamps will give you 1 reward with 3 options you van choose from. These are "1 Allagan Platinum Coin(10,000gil), highest tier timeworn map(check MB for the price), 500 Tome of poetics".

requirement: a house(FC/private owned), Garden Bed
Planting Thavnairian Onion(used by chocobo to reach level 20), Cloudsbreath(material for flyong mounts) and Broombush(material for magik broom) are the best seeds to plant to earn gil.

Treasure Hunt
Requirement: Timeworn treasure map, Min. party of a tank, healer and dps. LUCK
Highest tier Timeworn maps of an expansion have portals that can bring you to a dungeon that will troll you in every way. But, you can earn gils, rare materials, emotes, and hair styles that can be sold for a hefty price.

[ I forgot to add daily roulettes, they give a decent amount of gil if you'll be doing it every day.]

With DoH/L
Raw materials
When you start leveling your gatherers, you will most of the time prefer HQ materials for turn ins but don't discard those NQ materials yet and try selling them in the market board to earn some change.

requirement: Desynthesis
Using desynthesis on items can let you earn back the materials used to craft it or Demimateria used for crafting glamour weapons. And if your desynth level is in par with a primal weapon, it can also give you material to make a crafted primal weapon. Sell those primal mats and kaching$¥€.

Leve turn ins
requirement: leve allowances, level 80 Botanist and Miner Retainers,CUL,BSM
The leve tradecrafts are available in the Crystarium. You got 2 options, craft Coffee Biscuit(can stack but lower gil reward) or Dwarven Mythril file(does not stack but higher gil reward).

[Edit 06/09/21]
Requirements: Free company, access to Airships & Submersible
This is available for FC leads and admins mostly. Build a submersible and farm "Salvaged Accessory". This accessory can only be sold to an npc only and it will range fro 8k to 34.5k ea. Below is the submersible thread if you need more info.

Hope the information helps.
[I'll try to update this entry if ever I remember anything that I should add.]
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