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My preparation list before Endwalker

Good day!

Exid here again and I'll be talking about the preparation that I'm doing before Endwalker early access.
We're gonna set this up like we're done with the MSQ and all the side stories that are suggested like Coils, Void Ark and Omega. So here are my lists of thing I'm preparing before Endwalker.

1. Maxing Crafters and Gatherers - gatherers and crafters are very important since they can be you gil generator and can repair your gear anytime anywhere.

2. Maxing Retainers - retainers can also help you generate gil by venturing and having a chance to get an Endwalker minion if ever there's one.

3. Cleaning/optimizing the storages - this is for the hoarders, Endwalker will have new materials to hoard so free up some space in your bag, saddle bag, and retainers.

4. Maxing Tomestones, Scripts, Wolf marks, and Seals

5. Maxing Desynthesis - HQ raw materials will disappear in Endwalker and you need to craft them to get HQ so one possible way is to get it from desynthesis.

6. Khloe's bronze, silver, gold recomendation - maybe some new items to exchange like materias/mounts/minions.

7. Hoarding VII and VIII materias - transmute the materias on Endwalker release to get IX materia I guess.

Free Companies

8. Prepare III aetherial wheels for FC buffs - the 15% exp buffs will be a big help at the start of Endwalker.

9. Airships - we've had submersibles for 2 expansions and maybe it the airships time to shine.

10. Save up 50 million gil - Ishgard housing will open soon and a large house might cost around 50m.

So I think that's everything in my lists. Hope you find this lists helpful.

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