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Battle of the Lalafell prostitute

Once upon a time there was a lalfell whore. She was tired of Whoring and all the Roegadyn clients were taking a tall on her both physically and mentally. She got stupidly drunk one night, and in her drunkenness decided to declare war on the Garlean empire because the rights of sex workers in Garlemald were notoriously bad. She had previously been to Garlemald to do whore stuff and saw how sex workers there were being treated. Even though she organized several protests, sit ins and hunger strikes it was to no avail and fell on deaf ears with the Garlean policy makers. it all culminated in her organizing a workers union and almost getting a collective bargain for prostitutes and establishing a company named World Whore Services or WWS for short. They had a bangin start since an anonymous Garlean noble become a major stockholder with a 51% ownership interest. Afterwards WWS always ranked high on the GARLEAX Stock exchange and always managed to have high turnover and a very good result after taxes at the end of the year. However the brewing war with the city states made bad times for WWS. War preparations took a toll on them since war efforts had priorities over getting your dick sucked and ass ate by a lalafell. WWS stocks came crashing down, lost 65% of their intangible assets through layoffs, and had a -2.500.000 GIL EBITDA at the end of the year. The lalafell Whore CEO declared bankruptcy and had assassins sent after her by her stockholders. Years of getting dicked by Roes had fortified her and she had mad pussy power, so she fought them off with a sawed off shotgun given to her as a present by a former client. After this event she was literally shook so she gathered the whores of the previous company to form the 1rst Prostitute batallion. The pBN fought the Garleans at the fields of the Ghimlyt dark, they fought valiantly but eventually all got destroyed as they had no combat experience. They only knew how to suck dick, and eat ass.

This was the tale of the Lalafell prostitute who went from street whore, to whore CEO, to Batallion chief. May the gods rest her soul
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Ayrelion Sol

Odin (Light)

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