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So busy busy!


Well, our travels have been so busy, I'd hardly had time to tell you all about our trip to the Costa de Sol for the Moonfire Faire festivities!

So many people were there, and so much was happening!
There was a wall of Magiteks early in the day!

And Lily and I met some pretty fun people!
We danced and struck poses! It was a blast!

And then as the night settled in, I sat along the water and watched the dazzling night sky with the brilliant bursts of fireworks!

It was a really great adventure, everyone! You should all take time to relax and see the beautiful evening by the beach there! Please take care of yourselves!

In other exciting news, Lily and I finally have trained our chocobos to fight along side us!

How is everyone else doing?

♥Laila Kin♥
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Daenera Colibri

Excalibur (Primal)

Congratulations! I'd not be alive today without my wonderful Chocobo by my side everyday!!
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