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Looking for an FC?[Adamantoise]

PSSST! Want a casual FC where you're not active all the time but want to help or be helped? Or if you're tired of playing in silence and just want to run content with others then you're in luck! Eorzean Relic Guild <RELIC> is looking for some awesome people whether you're new or old... I mean veterans ;)

- We have FC buffs (Exp & Teleport is mostly used but we are open to suggestions)
- A medium FC house to hang out in.
- We offer dental and vision (Zero co-pay)
- Discord group to chat, share screenshots, and memes.
- Roulettes
- Raids and hoping to start a static in the future
- Mount farms

If you're interested then submit an application or if you have any questions then comment on here or DM me in-game @Shar Mila
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