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Armory Chest Fix

-Players can have up to 45 Gear Sets, however, the armory chest only allows for a maximum of 17 Unique sets of gear. While most gear is usable across multiple classes in the same role, this only works IF they are the same level and using the same gear. The most problematic area is the Ring partition. There are Left AND Right rings, so two slots for one set with a 35 limit, 34 for set changes to work and 33 to use a new class that does not have usable rings available.

Solution 1:
-Have a specified "Right Ring" and "Left Ring" tab for the Armory Chest. This solves the ring limitation, but still at a maximum of 34 Sets at a 35 limit.

Solution 2:
-In addition to Solution 1, rename the Main Hand space to "Weapons". Add a DoL & DoH specific tab labeled "Tools" with a storage space of 25 to allow for current and potential Relic stage items, such as Skysteel Tools. This alone, frees up 11 potential spaces in Main Hand for additional Gear Sets up to a maximum of 34 DoW & DoM sets.

Solution 3:
-Including Solution 1 and Solution 2, Expand Armory Chest tabs for Weapon(Previously Main Hand), Head, Body, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet, Ears, Neck, Wrist, Right Ring (Previously Ring) and Left Ring(Added) to 50 slots each. This will allow for all current 45 Gear Set slots to be used on a unique set level as well as provide room for the new classes coming in ENDWALKER.

Summary of Solution 1, Solution 2 & Solution 3 Implementation Changes:

-Ranameing of Ring to "Right Ring" and Addition of "Left Ring" tab on the Armory Chest.

-Main Hand tab renamed to "Weapons" storing ONLY DoW & DoM Main Hand weapons. Addition of "Tools" tab to the Armory Chest, storing ONLY DoL & DoH Main Hand tools at a space allotment of 25 slots.

-Expanded slot capacity of: Weapon(Previously Main Hand), Head, Body, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet, Ears, Neck, Wrist, Right Ring (Previously Ring) and Left Ring(Added) to 50 slots each.

NOTE: There will likely be comments about why anyone would need use of all the Gear Set slots in their entirety, so here:

-First and foremost, capacity of one system should not limit the available capacity of another, that's just poor design.

-Secondly, Individual per class gear sets are nothing new, while they typically do not last the longest, they DO exist, so the potential for unique sets is a very real possibility

-Finally, Synch Sets. So you get the new gear that came out, balance your stat differences with materia but..oh wait Expert Roulette now synchs your gear and makes it worse than what you had been using with melds for the previous top Expert dungeon. (This is on SE, they released multiple runs in the past to prevent this, but its a very real issue that has been affecting Shadowbringers.)

**Additionally on the note of Synch Sets, SE can't fix the scaling system issues with the limitations of the game engine, so synch sets is the only way around. I have asked around why more players won't run various roulettes; The responses revolved around the payout not being worth for the time/effort as well as scaling issues with with gear and not wanting to or having the capacity to maintain synch sets. At an around 50% & 40% respectively, the other 10% consisting of not having time or not wanting to do content they ran into the ground anymore. (Data collection was done in party & alliance & shout chat over the past month, making note of their thoughts on the subjects counting around a hundred unique character names from runs and around 30 from those in Diadem shout chat. Yes around 130 sample size on Crystal is small and not conclusive, however it indicates I'm not completely alone in my argument. I did incorporate some critiques to my original idea, such as a separate Tool slot on the Armory Chest derived from repurposing off hand to Tools Only, noting how only PLD uses it and the mh/oh caster shields and weapons should be removed. Rightfully, would be imbalanced to PLD having less potential sets to put the shield in the Weapons slot or share space in offhand repurposed to tools. Combining PLD Sword and shield was discarded critique for GLAM FREEDOM)

I have posted this suggestion In-game and do not have the option to post it on the forums. Why can't I post it on the forums? I was banned from the forums During Stormblood Early Access, initially just a suspension as it was my only and first offense, explaining how players could still refund their pre-order if they were willing to stop playing on their service account. Before my suspension had gone its 2 week period, I was notified that I was banned for repeated infractions, which is a blatant lie as I was serving my one and only suspension from answering a thread honestly. Yes I was scapegoate'd when subscriptions dropped by around 2 million in that span. Yes, they spelled out EXACTLY what I told players in that forum post with the Shadowbringers Pre-order code submission that got me banned! I could appeal my ban, however I can't make the promise not to post information that may undermine or be detrimental to FFXIV at a business level when decisions are made to mislead customers in order to facilitate lower quality content and service.
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